‘This Is Us’: A Guide to the 3 Women Kevin Pearson Could End up With

The April 19 episode of This Is Us centered on Kate’s wedding. During the festivities, Beth and Madison attempted to solve the mystery surrounding the women’s clothes in Kevin’s hotel room. Later, they discovered Kevin’s night had been complicated. So, before the NBC drama reveals details in the April 26 episode, learn more about the three women Kevin could possibly end up with. 

Kevin might end up with Cassidy, his date for Kate’s wedding

Jennifer Morrison and Justin Hartley as Cassidy and Kevin in 'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 14 'The Night Before the Wedding'
Jennifer Morrison and Justin Hartley in ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 14: ‘The Night Before the Wedding’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

They went to Kate’s wedding as friends, but Beth and Madison noticed there could be something more happening between Kevin and Cassidy. First, they overheard Cassidy mentioning something she left in Kevin’s room. Later, they watched as the military veteran affectionately touched Kevin during the ceremony. 

So who is Cassidy? Kevin first met the former Marine in season 4 during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. They talked with Kevin’s Uncle Nicky and laughed during the tense session. Over time their friendship evolved. Cassidy and Kevin had a one-night stand but remained friends. 

Most recently, Kevin hired the single mother to oversee the new Pearson family cabin construction. After being involved in a car accident, Kevin rushed to be with Cassidy, suggesting there may be more between them. 

Some This Is Us fans believe Cassidy is Kevin’s romantic end game but there are two other contenders after Kate’s wedding.

Kevin’s ex-wife, Sophie, might also be his true love

Does This Is Us’ Kevin end up with Sophie, his ex-wife? It’s possible. As teased in the preview for the April 26 episode, Kevin and his high school sweetheart reconnected at Kate’s wedding. Beth and Madison noticed her throwing smoldering looks Kevin’s way. 

Unlike Cassidy, who only entered Kevin’s life relatively recently, Sophie’s known him for decades. They grew up together and got married as teens. But their marriage didn’t last. Long-distance put a strain on their relationship and they eventually split after Kevin cheated.

So, did Kevin and Sophie get together at Kate’s wedding? Is she Kevin’s end game? It’s been hinted there could still be something between Kevin and Sophie

The promo for the April 26 episode shows the two talking about their love lives in the hours leading up to the ceremony. Given their history, the relationship is complicated. However, things get even more complicated because Sophie’s married.

The wedding singer, Arielle, is possibly Kevin’s end game

Does Kevin end up with Arielle the wedding singer? The question came up during the April 19 episode of This Is Us. A new addition to the show, Arielle could be a completely new love interest for Kevin. 

The preview for the April 26 episode shows them having a deep conversation at the hotel bar. “I like to watch people,” Arielle says in a voiceover before asking Kevin, “Who are you waiting for?” 

So will Kevin end up with Sophie, Cassidy, or Arielle? Any one of them could be Kevin’s end game and future wife. Justin Hartley’s said Kevin’s happy ending may not be exactly what fans want. Viewers will have to tune in for the final episodes of the series before the finale airs in May 2022.

​​This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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