‘This Is Us’: The Heartbreaking Reason Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan Avoid Talking About Toby and Kate

This Is Us often provides several tearjerker moments. Since its pilot in 2016, many fans have credited the show for highlighting real-life issues such as adoption, obesity, race, and the foster care system. Additionally, the series tackles the Pearson family’s relationships. During the This Is Us season 5 finale, fans discovered that Kate (Chrissy Metz) would divorce her husband, Toby (Chris Sullivan), and get remarried in season 6. 

Metz recently shared how the unexpected twist affected her working relationship with Sullivan. 

'This Is Us' stars Chrissy Metz as Kate Pearson and Chris Sullivan as Toby staring at each other from across a table.
‘This Is Us’: Chrissy Metz as Kate, Chris Sullivan as Toby | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Chrissy Metz thought ‘This Is Us’ fans might hate her after Kate and Toby’s recent development

During This Is Us Season 5, many fans predicted a Kate and Toby divorce. However, the couple remained solid for several years. In season 3, they welcomed their first baby, Jack Damon. After Jack, the couple adopted a baby girl named Haley Damon amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Although Toby and Kate became parents again during the pandemic, they soon faced financial trouble. Kate took a job as a teaching assistant after Toby lost his job in season 5. While there, she started working with Phillip (Chris Geere). Despite their rocky relationship, Phillip convinced Kate to keep her job in Los Angeles when Toby accepted an offer from a startup in San Francisco.

At the end of the finale, viewers discovered that Kate and Toby divorced. In a five-year time jump, she was preparing for a wedding to Phillip. Metz shared her feelings about Kate’s change of heart with Entertainment Weekly

“I’m not sure if people are going to hate me or just have lots of questions,” Metz said after the finale. “I hope they understand the love that Kate and Toby have for each other and that it’s not some willy-nilly thing that happens, right? We can see the sort of unraveling this season.” 

Why ‘This Is Us’ stars Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan haven’t discussed Toby and Kate divorcing

Since the finale, fans have made several theories about Kate and Toby’s future. Some fans believe that the couple never got a divorce and that Phillip is Madison’s brother. Others continue to hope that, even if Toby and Kate break up, they will save their relationship in time for the series finale. 

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While many fans continue to theorize about the couple, Metz said she and Sullivan don’t discuss Kate and Toby’s divorce. As the co-stars prepare for season 6, Metz told EW the rapport between her and her soon-to-be ex-husband remains the same. 

“I have to say we haven’t really talked about it [laughs],” Metz shared. “Because when you talk about it, you make it very real. And because I’m playing into the future a bit, and we’re still in the present day, it’s tricky for me because I honestly feel like I’m cheating on him. Right? I really feel that way when I see him come to set, and I’m like, ‘Oh, I just finished a scene with this guy that I know I’m going to marry.’ I feel like I’m cheating on him. I’m sure that’s going to be the speculation, and I sure hope that’s not the case. I was told that that’s not the case. But yeah, it’s a very weird feeling. So I haven’t quite figured it out. [Laughs].”

Metz had no idea who Kate’s new love interest was on ‘This Is Us’

The new development in Kate and Phillip’s relationship didn’t just shock and upset the This Is Us fans. When the teacher appeared in season 5, Metz said she expected a strictly professional dynamic. As a result, she didn’t realize what was going on between them until after reading the finale’s script. However, Metz said Geere is a “very special” addition to the show’s cast.

Fans will finally see how Kate’s relationships develop when This Is Us Season 6 premieres during the 2021-2022 broadcast season.

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