‘This Is Us’: Is Sophie Keeping a Devastating Secret From Kevin?

The will they/won’t they cliffhanger may be a cliched method in keeping viewers guessing in TV romances. Yet, the one with Kevin and Sophie on NBC’s This Is Us is more compelling than the usual.

Played by Justin Hartley and Alexandra Breckenridge, respectively, these two lovebirds seemed destined for a long relationship as teenagers before things went awry as adults.

While they did marry, their divorce was a messy one and taking place before the time when This Is Us begins. However, viewers have seen them reconnect once, only leading to another breakup.

Now with the two again possibly reconnecting this season, fans want to know whether remarriage is in the cards. Or is Sophie keeping a big secret that could tear them apart…or bring them ultimately back together?

Is it possible Sophie had Kevin’s child, but she kept it a secret?

Justin Hartley as Kevin on 'This Is Us'
Justin Hartley | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Many TiU fans have been chattering away on sources like Reddit about who the mystery fiancee is Kevin mentions in a recent flash-forward. It’s also known he has a son at an eventual time, making everyone wonder whether one of his recent girlfriends becomes pregnant.

A lot of immediate assumption is he gets someone like Madison pregnant due to his wandering eye. If so, one would think a relationship with her wouldn’t last long since it seemed more like a fling.

Others think Cassidy would be the most logical choice since they truly connect on an emotional level. However, she might not ever bring herself to doing such a thing with Kevin since she still has feelings about her husband and her own son back at home.

Perhaps it’s Sophie after all, though maybe she’ll reveal she had a child with Kevin she kept hidden from him all this time. Someone on Reddit thinks the timing lines up.

Sophie did tell Kevin his dream of having a child will probably come true

As a Reddit user clarifies, Sophie told Kevin she had a strong feeling he’d have a child eventually. Why did she say such a thing unless she might already have a child she hasn’t told Kevin about?

Kevin and Sophie hadn’t seen one another for a dozen years before their reconnect. There also seems to be some indications they might have slept with one another during their reunions, maybe leading to a future pregnancy in his future fiancee.

If it’s true she already has a secret son and again pregnant by this coming summer, how will this affect Kevin? One would think being sideswiped by such news would help him sober up even more about life. Outside of seeming to get himself back in gear after a mental crash and rehab, he’s also still a drifter when it comes to finding the right woman.

The psychology behind finding out Sophie is pregnant would possibly force them into committing seriously to each other. Part of this might include admitting they were destined to be with one another all along.

Maybe Kevin was bound to find love like his dad after all

In a recent episode, Kevin talked to Sophie on the phone and had just lamented he may never find a true love like his dad, Jack, did with Rebecca. Knowing the writing directions on This Is Us, such a comment was likely a ruse to a major upcoming twist.

Sometimes the person one knows from the beginning ends up being the right person in the end. Kevin and Sophie might have needed to mature for a time before recommitting. Kevin would be in more that category, including living a little more of life after marrying so young.

Having them remarry due to Sophie already having Kevin’s son would be the ultimate left-field revelation. Plus, it would show that things definitely do repeat in families, even if it involved some time out for harsh life lessons first in Kevin’s case.