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We have not yet recovered from the Season 4 finale of the NBC hit drama This Is Us. From the massive blowout fight between Kevin and Randall to Kate and Toby coming to the realization that they want to adopt, there was so much to unpack here.

Though we finally know why Kevin and Kate aren’t speaking to Randall on the Big Three’s 40th birthday, we’re also intrigued with Hailey. She is an art curator who was revealed to be the woman that Kate and Toby would adopt.

We haven’t seen much of Toby and Kate in any of the flashforward sequences. Also, this is the first time we’ve ever heard or seen Hailey. Here’s what we do know about her so far.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the This Is Us Season 4 finale.]

Kate and Toby have decided they want to adopt

In the present day on This Is Us, Kate and Toby are emerging from a rocky year. After struggling to get pregnant and giving birth to Jack prematurely, things were rocky for the couple for some time.

Jack’s premature birth caused his blindness and Toby struggled with what it meant to care for a child with special needs. Obviously, this greatly offended Kate and for a good chunk of Season4, their marriage was hanging on by a thread.

However, by the end of the Season 4 finale, the pair had made the decision to adopt a child. “The Pearsons have a pretty good track record with adoption,” Toby said.

‘This Is Us’ fans are convinced that something horrible will happen to Kate

Despite what we know about Kate and Toby’s adoption plan and Hailey’s existence, This Is Us fans are convinced that something sinister is looming. If you’ve been paying attention to the flashforwards, Kate is noticeably absent in all of them.

At one point we see Toby, but he quips about the Pearsons not actually wanting him around, which has certainly raised alarms. “They’ve never showed Kate in the future!?” one fan wrote on the This Is Us Instagram page. “Yeah, I think Kate does die cause she’s not even shown at the cabin house scene,” another person added.

Another fan wrote, “They showed future Toby before. He didn’t have a wedding ring on and looked depressed and he got a call asking if he was coming and he said I don’t think she’d want to see me or something similar to that. It was last season I think. I think something happens to Kate.”

We have two more seasons to find out.

This is what we know about Jack’s sister Hailey on ‘This Is Us’

When we first meat Jack’s sister Hailey, we have no idea who she is. The year is 2050, and we’re introduced to a distracted art curator who is trying to ward off her coworker’s advances.

After speaking with clients and brushing off her co-worker Zack’s date request, Hailey’s watch beeps and she frantically flees the gallery for an undisclosed location. Though Zack was concerned she was hung-up over some famous movie star she had a date with, Hailey was trying to rush to be present for the birth of her niece, Hope.

It turns out that Hailey’s older brother is a famous pop star, Jack Damon. In Season 5 of This Is Us, it looks like we will watch Toby and Kate go through the adoption process. Hopefully, we will also get some insight into what Kate is up to in the future. She is the only member of the Pearson clan that has been MIA in the flashforwards.