‘This Is Us’: Why Fans Believe Mandy Moore ‘Deserves an Emmy’ for Her Season 4 Performance as Older Rebecca

Singer, songwriter, and actress Mandy Moore portrays Rebecca Pearson on the award-winning hit NBC series, This Is Us. Her performance as the younger, middle-aged, and elder Rebecca suffering from dementia, especially in Season 4 Episode 16, has many fans convinced that Mandy Moore should receive an Emmy Award for her work.

Mandy Moore This Is Us
Mandy Moore as Rebecca | Ron Batzdorff

Mandy Moore on ‘This Is Us’

In September 2016, NBC comedy-drama This Is Us premiered featuring singer and actress Mandy Moore portraying a main role, Rebecca Pearson. Her character came from a wealthy family and fell in love with Jack, a Vietnam veteran who grew up in an abusive household.

The couple married, and Rebecca became pregnant with triplets but lost one. Therefore, they decided to adopt an African-American baby born the same day who was abandoned at a fire station.

This Is Us revolves around the Pearson family in different time frames, mostly current, and incorporates flashbacks to show the past. The recent episodes have been focused on Rebecca as her memory is deteriorating.

In This Is Us Season 4 Episode 16, the mother-of-three visited New York for one of her son’s movie premiere and the episode focused around her interactions with the Big City.

She used to go as a child with her father and noticed a woman staring at a painting. The Pittsburgh-native didn’t return until the children were in middle school and wanted to go back to the museum, but it closed once she arrived.

Again, they returned a year after Jack’s passing, but Rebecca didn’t see painting as she was still mourning his death. Therefore, when the aged mother returned to New York, presently, she went to the museum, realizing her entire life had been “next times.”

However, now that her memory is deteriorating, she wants to live like she has “all the time in the world.”

Fans believe Mandy Moore deserves an Emmy Award

Even though Mandy Moore has consistently delivered an outstanding performance as both young and old Rebecca, many fans are considering her work in the most recent episode one of the best.

When the aged mother acknowledged her life “had been a series of ‘next times,’” many fans loved how “full of emotion” she became. One TIU fan on Reddit noted she “had a bit of the look in her eye” the user’s “mom did when her mind started to go a bit,” which is a stark contrast from the “very bright, sharp eyes” the actress has when she “portrays her younger self.”

They also pointed out how Moore is actually younger than the actors who portray her children, yet she “flawlessly” acts as their elder mother. Another user admitted they didn’t think the actress played her older self well until recently as she’s begun to nail a raspier voice and “pauses” in her speaking.

Other fans shared they believe the “Candy” singer has been “incredible” this season and “brilliantly plays a character of so many different ages in different times convincingly.”

Due to the difficulty of the role and how well Moore “knocks it out of the park,” many fans think she has earned the prestigious Emmy Award. Some even think she stole the show as they believe “season four totally belongs to her.”

While Moore has received a 2019 Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, she has yet to win. Several fans are hoping 2020 is her year. Watch This Is Us Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.