‘This Is Us’ Star Niles Fitch Discussed Portraying Teenage Randall and Disney’s First Live-Action Black Prince

Even though Niles Finch has been acting since he was three-years-old, he finally landed his breakthrough role as the teenage Randall Pearson on NBC’s highest-rated drama series, This Is Us.

Currently, in its fourth season, Finch is a regular cast member who frequently appears in the flashback episodes. He portrays a young black man adopted by white parents, who struggles with finding his identity in a family he doesn’t think can ever fully understand him.

Niles Fitch

The believable character and superb acting makes Randall a joy for viewers to watch on the television screen, and the teenage and adult actor hold a total of nine awards for their portrayal.

Finch stopped by New York radio station Hot 97 to discuss why his character is so successful and how he personally relates to the role.

Niles Finch on ‘This Is Us’ relatability and success

After three episodes of This Is Us already aired, Finch booked the gig and almost immediately flew to Los Angeles to begin shooting. The success and popularity of his character promoted him from a guest appearance to now regular cast member.

Finch portrays the teenage Randall Pearson while Emmy Award winner Sterling K. Brown plays the character as an adult. Because of his passion, incredibly huge heart, relatable storyline, and he and Beth are what people refer to as “couple goals,” Randall is one of the most beloved characters in the drama series.

The young actor credits the success of the role to the writers of the show, saying that because of them, he’s “seamlessly able to become Randall.” He also explained the secret behind why fans love the character so much is because he’s not playing Brown, they’re both portraying Randall and who he would be at the teenage and adult times of his life.

Finch also said he channels his background into the role because there are not as many black actors in the industry; therefore, he grew up with more white friends.

Ultimately, he’s glad the complex is being shown on television because there are some things his “white allies” won’t understand, like his father on the show, and it creates conversation.

Niles Finch on ‘Miss Virginia’ and portraying Disney’s first live-action black prince

Building on his success from This Is Us, Finch booked a role in Miss Virginia, a movie based on a true story starring Uzo Aduba, also known as Crazy Eyes from Orange Is the New Black.

Finch explained the film revolves around a Washington D.C. woman who fought Congress to get her son, and other children in low socioeconomic classes, into private schools who cannot afford the tuition.

Additionally, Finch will star as Disney’s first live-action black prince in one of their first original movies on their streaming platform, titled, Secret Society of Second Born Royals.

Unfortunately, a trailer is not out yet, so Finch could not give many other details about the film, but, according to IMDB, his character’s name is Tuma.