‘This Is Us’ Randall and Kevin Will Finally ‘Support Each Other’ and ‘It Will Be Glorious’ in New Episodes

In This Is Us new episodes Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) have some “glorious” moments coming. On April 13, 2021, the two brothers finally had a difficult conversation about race. In a recent interview, the director teased an upcoming episode when the brothers will “support each other” like they never have before.

This Is Us Season 5 Episode 13 with Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley as Randall and Kevin
‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Episode 13 with Sterling K. Brown as Randall, Justin Hartley as Kevin | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Episode 13 Randall and Kevin recap

Everything changed for Randall and Kevin in This Is Us Season 5 Episode 13. Although the conversation did not start well, by the end, Randall finally opened up to Kevin about what he went through in their childhood. Kevin began with an apology, but he didn’t get to the root of the problem until the very end of the episode.

“I’m sorry that I missed things when we were growing up,” Kevin said to Randall. “I’m sorry that you ever felt alone. How exactly is that racist?”

Randall responded with some particular instances when Kevin teased his brother.

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“It was never just that I was a nerd,” the city councilman explained. “You had to call me Carlton. It wasn’t just that I didn’t know cool music. You had to call me out for not knowing rap lyrics. What if I was white? Would we have the same relationship?”

Randall asked his brother to admit that he resented the fact that Randall was Black. However, Kevin refused to acknowledge that until the very end of the episode.

“You’re not just my smart, successful brother, Randall,” Kevin finally said. “You’re my Black smart, successful brother. And I think maybe I did resent that. Maybe I thought you getting special treatment was mixed up with you being Black. I wanted to take you down a notch, and I overlooked things that I shouldn’t have. I took shots at you that I shouldn’t have taken, and I was more jealous of you than I should have been.”

Kevin’s words were incredibly important for the brothers relationship in This Is Us new episodes.

How many episodes will ‘This Is Us’ Season 5 have?

This Is Us Season 5 will have less episodes than all of the previous seasons. Instead of 18 episodes, season 5 will have 16 because of the delay in production caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Writer Jon Dorsey explained to People that Kevin and Randall’s relationship going forward will be different in new episodes.

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“Man, I think [Kevin has] learned, but it’s going to be little steps,” the writer told the outlet. “I don’t know if he will ever fully understand what it’s like to be Randall. I think he’s certainly learning to not just listen but hear his brother. Frankly, that’s a big step that a lot of people need to learn.”

Hopefully, the This Is Us last three new episodes will showcase the change in the two brothers.

‘This Is Us’ director says Randall and Kevin will support each other

In the same interview, director Kay Oyegun teased This Is Us new episodes with some “glorious moments.” When the outlet asked her about Kevin and Madison’s wedding things sounded emotional — in a good way.

“We will see the brothers supporting each other, the end,” Oyegun explained with a laugh. “They will support one another — and it will be glorious.”

This Is Us new episodes air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.