‘This Is Us’ Returns April 6: What Can Fans Expect From the New Episode?

This Is Us may not be on tonight, March 30, 2021, but fans shouldn’t be too upset. Episode 12 of Season 5 will resume in just a week’s time on April 6, 2021. But just what can fans of the hit show expect from the upcoming episode? As is the nature of the show, there have been quite a few dramatic moments this season. However, there seem to be a lot more heartfelt moments in store for viewers.

This Is Us Season 5 cast pose at the 25 SAG Awards
This Is Us cast | Terence Patrick/Getty Images for Turner

Thus far, Season 5 of This Is Us has uncovered quite a few mysteries and we’ve learned a great deal more about the Big Three. Randall finally got the backstory of his birth mother, Kevin is seemingly confronting his body image issues for the first time, and Kate has grappled with the abuse of her past and her previous decision to terminate a pregnancy. Additionally, Randall and Kevin have taken the first steps to mend their tumultuous relationship.

A quick recap of ‘This Is Us’ Season 5

Fans have also gotten a chance the newest members of the Pearson family in Season 5 of This Is Us. Kevin has seemingly gone all-in on his relationship with Madison and the pair have welcomed twins. On the other hand, Kate and Toby have welcomed a new baby into their family by way of adoption. As the three babies are all extremely close in age, they are being referred to as the newest generation of the Big Three.

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So far, we haven’t seen too much backstory about Deja, Annie, and Tess Pearson this season, but that is about to change. Fans were thrilled to finally meet the adult versions of Annie and Deja in Episode 9 of Season 5, having met adult Tess much earlier on. However, it looks like we’re going to spend more time with the Pearson girls in the present day in the upcoming episode of This Is Us.

The next episode of Season 5 will focus on Tess and Beth Pearson

“The next generation of Pearsons are growing up. This Is Us returns April 6 on NBC,” reads the caption of the preview for the upcoming episode. It appears that this new episode will focus on Tess and her budding relationship with her best friend turned romantic partner, Alex. Fans may recall meeting Alex earlier in the season when Tess made a disparaging video with Alex slamming teachers at their school for refusing to use Alex’s preferred gender pronouns.

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Alex seems to be a point of contention between Beth and Tess also because Beth struggles to utilize Alex’s proper pronouns. Even though Beth’s faux pas’ are not intentional, Tess seems extremely agitated with her mother’s constant foibles. Tensions will seemingly come to a boiling point in the upcoming episode of This Is Us.

The new episode of ‘This Is Us’ premieres on April 6, 2021

In the preview for the upcoming episode entitled, “Both Things Can Be True” Randall asks Beth if she is OK with Tess having Alex over for the first time. Beth seems fine with it, but later is taken aback when she walks in on Tess and Alex getting cozy. Naturally, Beth is surprised to find her daughter in a compromising position, and Tess quickly interprets that look as judgment. Tess also confesses to her mother that she’s unsure if they’ll ever be close again. Hopefully, the pair will finally get a chance to hash some things out, but This Is Us fans will have to wait until April 6, 2021, to see how it all pans out.