‘This Is Us’ Season 5: Will Cassidy Return by the End of the Season?

On March 23, the all-new episode of This Is Us Season 5 had fans wondering about Cassidy Sharp’s (Jennifer Morrison) next cameo. The character briefly came back in scenes with Nicky Pearson (Griffin Dunne). Now, many viewers are hoping to see more. So will Cassidy return by the end of This Is Us Season 5? The show’s story editor recently revealed what to expect moving forward.

Who is Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) on ‘This Is Us’? 

Jennifer Morrison as Cassidy Sharp looking down in ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 Episode 18, “Strangers: Part Two.”
Jennifer Morrison as Cassidy Sharp in ‘This Is Us’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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Cassidy is the military officer who formed a bond with Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Uncle Nicky in This Is Us Season 4. The three characters are recovering alcoholics, and they lean on each other for support.

When Cassidy arrives on This Is Us, she is suffering from PTSD and disconnects from her son and husband. So Kevin promises Cassidy he’ll help her save her marriage. Then at one point, Cassidy and Kevin hook up, possibly derailing their progress. But in the end, Cassidy realizes she wants to make things work with her family. 

Meanwhile, Cassidy and Nicky are still friends. In the This Is Us Season 4 finale, Cassidy picks up her friend for their AA meeting. She also continues to support Nicky in This Is Us Season 5.

Cassidy briefly came back in ‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Episode 11

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 11, titled “One Small Step,” offers a brief update on Cassidy. At the start of the episode, the character is scrubbing her son’s soccer shoes when she receives a call from Nicky. 

Cassidy helps Nicky navigate Amazon, as he wants to prepare gifts for Kevin’s twins in LA. She also drives Nicky to the airport and offers her friend some reassuring words about his flight. 

Later, Nicky panics about staying with Kevin. He calls Cassidy, who is alone in her bed at 4 a.m. But the early morning call isn’t an issue. Cassidy listens to Nicky and is able to calm him down. She says:

Nicky, you’ve hated yourself for so long, and now you have all this love coming at you. It feels weird and you want to go AWOL. And then what? Go back to your trailer alone and stare at the same plot of land until you die? I didn’t know this brother of yours, but I do know two decent men who have spent their lives wondering if he would be proud of them. Deep down, don’t you think he’d be proud of you, Nicky?

‘This Is Us’ story editor reveals Cassidy will return before season 5 ends

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Fans got to see snippets of Cassidy’s life in the March 23 episode of This Is Us Season 5. That said, the character’s return focused on her friendship with Nicky. So viewers still don’t know what’s really going on with Cassidy and her family. 

As mentioned, Cassidy was washing her son’s shoes. Then she was spotted alone in her bed. So how much progress has been made since This Is Us Season 4? For now, fans still just have to wait and see. But according to story editor Laura Kenar, viewers will find out what happened soon.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kenar confirmed Cassidy will return before the This Is Us Season 5 finale, and fans will find out what’s going on with her son and husband. 

“There actually was more Cassidy information that didn’t fit in the time of the episode,” Kenar said. “But there will be more Cassidy before the end of the season. I can say that. I’m not going to say any more than that. But it’ll be a cool reveal when we see her.”

New episodes of This Is Us Season 5 return to NBC on Tuesday, April 6.