‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Episode 11 Promo Trailer Might Have Hinted at Uncle Nicky’s Future Wife

NBC’s This Is Us is ramping up to the end of the season, and the season 5 episode 11 promo trailer keeps giving viewers more clues. In the season 4 finale of This Is Us, there was a flash-forward where Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) was wearing a wedding band. 

Many viewers guessed Rebecca (Mandy Moore) thought Nicky was her late husband, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) because he was sitting by her bedside. Since Rebecca has dementia, Nicky might be making things easier for her by wearing the wedding ring. However, fans now have a different theory of who Nicky’s future wife might be.

This Is Us season 5 episode 11 Caitlin Thompson as Madison and Justin Hartley as Kevin
‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Episode 10 Caitlin Thompson as Madison and Justin Hartley as Kevin | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In the next episode of ‘This Is Us’ Season 5, Uncle Nicky returns

When This Is Us returns with Season 5 Episode 11 on March 23, Uncle Nicky unexpectedly visits Kevin (Justin Hartley) and (Caitlin Thompson). He flew across the country to meet his new great-niece and nephew. One of the babies was named after Nicky, so he was very excited to visit.

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Kevin and Madison were very nervous about leaving the hospital with the two babies. However, in the latest episode, they seemed to have fallen into a groove. It helps that they have a nanny and every fancy baby device they could imagine because of Kevin’s “stupid money.”

‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Episode 11 Promo Trailer 

After watching the season 5 episode 11 promo trailer for This Is Us, fans came up with a new theory about Uncle Nicky.

“He waited a lifetime to live again,” the teaser reads.

Uncle Nicky looks better than ever in the new trailer. He is sober (thanks to Kevin), and it seems like his therapy sessions are going so well that he flew across the country. Jack’s brother was depressed and unable to leave his trailer when viewers first met him in season 3. So, this new Nicky is a huge change.

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“What about Uncle Nicky and the Nanny?” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Chances are he will stay at Kevin’s house, and she will be there. [We] haven’t seen her enough to figure out how old she is. If he doesn’t marry Rebecca, that is.”

Maybe part of living again is finding love? Fans are hopeful for Uncle Nicky whether he ends up with Kevin and Madison’s nanny or another partner.

‘This Is Us’ new episode brings trouble for Kevin and Madison

However, in an interview with This Is Us director Ken Olin, fans find out that Nicky may cause some “ripples” with his visit. 

“You’ll see that when Nicky arrives, Kevin’s very safe haven with Madison is going to have some ripples there,” director Ken Olin told People. “You know this is the way we always ramp up to the end of the season and hopefully leave people going, ‘Oh sh*t. OK, here we go; I’ll see what happens in the fall.’ This episode is a very, very confident transition to this ramp to the end of the season. So here we go!”

Could Nicky cause trouble with Kevin and Madison because he falls in love with their nanny? Or is another fan theory confirmed that Nicky is dating Cassidy — Kevin’s former love interest? Viewers will find out what those “ripples” are when This Is Us Season 5 Episode 11 returns on March 23.