‘This Is Us’ Season 5: Griffin Dunne Still Doesn’t Know Who Nicky Is Married To

Nicky Pearson (Griffin Dunne) just took a massive step forward in This Is Us Season 5. But while fans watch the character’s story unfold in the present day, many viewers are still wondering about his future. Previously, This Is Us hinted that Nicky will get married. Now, it might be a while before everyone finds out who he ends up with. Dunne recently suggested that he doesn’t even know the identity of Nicky’s spouse yet — here’s what he said.

Why ‘This Is Us’ fans think Nick Pearson (Griffin Dunne) is married in the future

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The This Is Us Season 4 finale flash-forward seemingly confirmed Nicky is married in the future. Previously, Nicky was spotted by Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) side as the family gathered around the Pearson matriarch’s sick bed. 

Meanwhile, Kevin (Justin Hartley) arrived in the fourth season flash-forward. Nicky wrapped his arms around his nephew, and fans noticed the character was wearing a wedding ring. But Nicky’s future spouse was nowhere to be seen. 

Now, a few theories have emerged. Many viewers think Nicky’s ring could have something to do with Rebecca, whether it’s because they’re married or the Pearson matriarch thinks he’s Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). Others also speculated that Nicky will get back together with his former girlfriend, Sally (Genevieve Angelson). But for now, This Is Us fans will just have to wait and see what happens next.

Griffin Dunne on who Nicky is married to on ‘This Is Us’

Griffin Dunne as Nick "Nicky" Pearson on 'This Is Us Season 5 Episode 11
Griffin Dunne as Nick “Nicky” Pearson on ‘This Is Us Season 5 | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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As of this writeup, This Is Us is about midway through season 5. But when speaking with People in March 2021, Dunne revealed that he still doesn’t know who Nicky is married to in the future. So it seems unlikely that the character’s spouse will be revealed anytime soon.

“I know as much as you do and I had the same observation you did,” Dunne said when asked about Nicky’s future. “I don’t know how he got there but he seemed to be, sort of, the patriarch.”

He continued, “Nicky has a wedding ring that they cut to, and I wish I could even tell you, ‘Oh I know who he married and I can’t tell you.’ But I can’t tell you because I don’t know who I’m married to.”

Griffin Dunne previously theorized why Nicky will end up by Rebecca’s bedside in ‘This Is Us’

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Although This Is Us hasn’t revealed the identity of Nicky’s spouse, it seems the character’s relationship with his brother’s family will be front and center moving forward. In the present day, Nicky flew to Kevin and Madison’s (Caitlin Thompson) house to meet their twins. So it seems Nicky is starting to allow himself to be loved.

Meanwhile, Dunne previously predicted that Nicky ends up by Rebecca’s bedside because they become “very close.”

“I think Nicky ended up at that bedside presumably because Rebecca and Nicky grow very close,” Dunne told People in November 2019. “I’m not quite sure how Nicky got there to that bedside. I know a little bit, but I gather that it starts with that Thanksgiving and it going well enough for him to allow himself to be part of this new family.”

The actor also noted that Rebecca and Nicky have one connection that will tie them together forever.

“Jack took great care of us both when he was alive, when Nicky was a little boy and he was an older brother,” Dunne said. “So Rebecca and Nicky definitely share something, someone that we both miss very much.”

This Is Us Season 5 airs Tuesday nights on NBC.