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The Season 4 finale of This Is Us was intense but revealing. Toby and Kate seemed to be on the other side of a very rocky year for their marriage. Rebecca made a decision about the next steps she wants to take regarding her health. We found out that Toby and Kate will eventually adopt a baby girl named Hailey, and we also discovered what caused the massive rift between Randall and Kevin.

In the year 2034, we know that Randall and Kevin eventually mend fences as they embrace at Rebecca’s death bed. However, the final two seasons of This Is Us will surely be a journey in seeing how the brothers get there.

With so many unanswered questions and clues about the future, here are some theories about This Is Us Season 5.

Season 5 of ‘This Is Us’ will focus on Rebecca and Miguel’s love story

Even after all of these years, the Big Three are still somewhat wary of Miguel. After all, their mom’s husband was once Jack’s best friend. So far, we know that Rebecca and Miguel reconnected in the early 2000s after Rebecca found him on Facebook. However, little else is known about their romance.

Now that the older couple is set to move to St. Louis for Rebecca’s treatment, we’re sure we will be seeing a lot more flashbacks about their relationship. We wonder if Miguel may have been interested in Rebecca all along. The Big Three did seem annoyed that he was always around in the years following Jack’s death.

Kevin’s wife isn’t Madison

At his 40th birthday, know that Kevin mentions a pregnant fiance which is obviously Madison. However, when she revealed to him that she was pregnant with twins, he simply promised to be a good father and co-parent. From what we know about Kevin and Madison, they don’t seem to be compatible.

Kevin is wearing a wedding band in 2034. However, it’s interesting to note that we see glimpses of both Cassidy and Sophie as the season finale came to a close. As we know from several seasons of This Is Us so far, the writers and creators do nothing by chance.

Kate might be dead

Though we’ve seen Kate with young Jack, and we know about Hailey’s existence, This Is Us fans are convinced that something horrible may happen to Kate. Kate is noticeably absent in all of the flashforwards.

We have seen the future version of Toby, but he seems unsure about being around the Pearsons. “They’ve never showed Kate in the future!?” one fan wrote on the This Is Us Instagram page. “Yeah, I think Kate does die cause she’s not even shown at the cabin house scene,” another person added.

Another fan wrote, “They showed future Toby before. He didn’t have a wedding ring on and looked depressed and he got a call asking if he was coming and he said I don’t think she’d want to see me or something similar to that. It was last season I think. I think something happens to Kate.”

Season 5 of This Is Us doesn’t have a premiere date, but we will be interested to see what unfolds when the show returns.