‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore Reveals One of Her ‘Favorite’ Moments of the Entire Series

For four seasons, This Is Us fans have enjoyed watching Mandy Moore brilliantly portray the strong family matriarch, Rebecca Pearson. From youth to old age, the show has taken her character on a spiritual and emotional journey. She’s had plenty of inspiring moments on the series, but Moore recently revealed her favorite one.

Mandy Moore- This Is Us
Mandy Moore- This Is Us | Will Hart/NBC

Mandy Moore’s character is at the heart of ‘This Is Us’ 

The NBC drama, This Is Us premiered in 2016, with singer, songwriter, and actor, Mandy Moore in the lead role of Rebecca Pearson. The series revolves around Rebecca, her husband Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), and their three children, Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown). 

Over the last four seasons, audiences have seen Rebecca as a young wife and mother in flashbacks, as well as in present-day, as a much older woman battling Alzheimer’s.  In Season 4, Rebecca visits New York City, where scenes from her childhood are shown. 

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The actor talks about an unforgettable Season 4 episode

In a recent interview with Gold Derby, Moore talked about the episode from Season 4 of This Is Us in which the Pearsons visit New York to attend Kevin’s movie premiere. She said that while filming at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she was able to experience some rare and unforgettable moments.

“First of all, we shoot our show in Los Angeles, so the idea that we would be in New York City for a couple of days to shoot parts of that New York, NY episode was already such a treat,” said Moore. “And the fact that the Metropolitan Museum, weeks before the world shut down and the museum shut down, shut down the museum for the night for us to shoot there. So, there was not another soul there and that was a memory I will never forget.”

Mandy Moore reveals why the ‘This Is Us’ moment is one of her favorites 

On the March 10 episode of This Is Us, Rebecca, who is losing her memory, returns to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the “Madame X” painting she once admired as a child. In her chat with Gold Derby, Moore described how that scene has turned into one of her favorite moments of the entire series. 

“Once you’re in the moment, and you’re staring at ‘Madame X’ in the middle of the Metropolitan Museum, and all of this collective history, and familiarity with this family, and this woman and this life that I’ve been living with her for the last four years, it’s like it all sort of culminated in that moment,” said Moore. “It’s like bringing that history, and the idea of this woman who’s in a real crossroads in her life, sort of really trying to figure out, ‘What do I want if this window is narrowing, and I don’t know what the future holds, what are my priorities, what’s the most important thing to me?’ And the answer has always been family for her.” 

Moore said that Rebecca’s ability to share her story with her children was critically important for her journey. And she said filming that emotional scene with co-stars Justin Hartley and Sterling K. Brown made it even more special. 

“It was such a joy,” she revealed. “And I got to look over and see two of my favorite people on the planet, Sterling and Justin, so it was such a treat. I think that’s one of my favorite moments of the whole series and favorite episodes as well. To see New York City and what it sort of symbolized to this family time and time again at different junctures and chapters of their life, I think it just sort of highlights what our show does best.”