‘This Is Us’: Fans Have an Interesting Theory for the Role Madison’s Doctor Will Play in the Show

In the This Is Us Season 4 finale, viewers are introduced to several new characters, including Dr. Mason. While viewers got a glimpse into his life, they aren’t exactly sure what role he’ll play in the show. Fans have interesting theories about how Dr. Mason connects to Madison and the Big Three.

Caitlin Thompson
Caitlin Thompson | Ron Batzdorff

Madison on ‘This Is Us’

Since the pilot episode, Madison (Caitlin Thompson) has appeared in several episodes as Kate’s best friend. They met in a support group and started off on the wrong foot as Kate (Chrissy Metz) didn’t understand why Madison attended the meetings.

However, it’s later revealed that Madison struggles with an eating disorder. The ladies soon developed a friendship, and Madison became one of the first people that Kate confided in once she became pregnant.

Over the next couple of years, their relationship strengthened, and Madison has babysat for Kate’s baby, Jack, a couple of times. After a lonely Madison and heartbroken Kevin (Justin Hartley) hooked up one night, she discovered she was pregnant with twins.

The news came as a miracle to her because she never thought she could have kids due to her medical history. Knowing Kevin’s family and their history of love stories, she thought he wouldn’t want anything to do with the children, and planned on raising them on her own.

However, once she told the movie star about her pregnancy, he agreed to step up and take care of the kids with her.

Fans have a theory about the role of Madison’s doctor

Viewers are introduced to Dr. Mason (Josh Hamilton) as he attempts to tame a wild horse. Unable to get the job done, he asked his daughter to help, who quickly calmed the animal. He then went to work, where he met with Madison for a consultation.

She explained her miraculous pregnancy and admitted she hadn’t told anyone yet. Madison informed the doctor that her twins’ father came from a beautiful love story and wouldn’t want kids this way. However, Dr. Mason advised her to give it a chance anyway, and Madison told Kevin.

Many fans believe Madison’s doctor could be the grandson of Dr. K, who viewers were introduced to in Season 1 Episode 12. According to them, the timelines check out as the grandchild was around ten years old at the time. Therefore, he would be about 50 years old when viewers saw him again in the finale for Season 4.

Viewers have also theorized on the importance of Dr. Mason’s role in future seasons. Some think Madison might pass away in childbirth as the show seemingly “harped on Madison’s history a lot,” and Kevin could find comfort in Dr. Mason, similar to Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Dr. K (Gerald McRaney).

Many believe Madison could lose a child while giving birth. However, the flash-forward depicted Kevin with two children. Therefore, they think ex-flame Cassidy is also pregnant, which is already a popular fan theory. Some have denounced the speculation as they believe it’s “too soap opera-y” for This Is Us.

Others think Dr. Mason is featured heavily because Madison ends up falling for him while Kevin, who is wearing a ring in the flash-forward, marries someone else. Viewers will find out more about the doctor, presumably in Season 5.