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The theories over who Kevin’s fiancé is still garners more online chatting than any other plot on TV of late. Since it could be one of several different women Kevin has had relationships with, it’s gone across the board in the guesses.

Now there seems to be some consensus growing the woman may be Madison (played by Caitlin Thompson, wife of producer Dan Fogelman).

Some theories on this make sense to give the story a roadblock before Kevin and Sophie ultimately reunite somewhere down the road. One thing for sure is that Madison would fit into the family since she was already a close friend of Kate’s and indirectly helped her meet up with Toby.

However, Madison might not commit to being a mother after having a boy with Kevin.

How solid is the theory of Madison being Kevin’s fiancé?

Justin Hartley as Kevin
Justin Hartley as Kevin | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

All of this stems from the recent flash-forward seen where it’s discovered a mystery woman is becoming Kevin’s new wife, while latter has a baby boy. Everyone from Sophie to Cassidy have been considered as the woman.

On Reddit, an interesting theory exists: It’s Madison as Kevin’s fiancee, albeit possibly backing out on being the mother to his child. There may be some legitimate reasons for this based on her troubled past and in not wanting to betray the friendship with Kate.

Fan speculation on this also extends to other media analysts who believe Madison is the one. Clues come in Kevin and Madison deciding to sleep with one another at Kate’s house. One reason for this was a vulnerable moment when she confided to Kevin she’d been dumped by her boyfriend.

A moment of passion between them might lead to an unexpected pregnancy, hence Madison giving birth to a child she may not want.

Madison has already dealt with self-image issues

Maybe having children would change the way she sees herself, though let’s not forget how Madison met Kate. Overeaters Anonymous was a therapy group Kate was attending and where Madison ultimately became berated by attendees for thinking her overeating problem wasn’t real.

In the beginning, Madison and Kate didn’t get along perfectly, but they started to warm to each other later. Kate also became more empathetic to Madison’s eating disorder. Throwing Kevin into this mix only complicated things further.

Kate wasn’t exactly happy either when she found out Kevin and Madison were having a fling. Nevertheless, it seems to have been accepted, if perhaps bringing an unintended consequence.

If it’s true Madison becomes pregnant, it could lead to an uncomfortable situation where she leaves Kevin because she feels inadequate at motherhood.

Will Kevin end up being a single dad for a while?

The ultimate twist is having Madison backing out on marrying Kevin, leaving former to fend for himself with his own baby son. Not that he can’t afford it being a millionaire actor. At the same time, being an actor on stage and film would mean having to hire nannies or other family members to take care of the kid.

It’s here where maybe Sophie can reenter the picture and hook back up with Kevin. Plus, she’d be able to become a mother without becoming pregnant herself. Then again, don’t be surprised to see them have kids themselves if they do remarry due to being more mature adults.

What will happen to Madison, though? Will she reenter Kevin’s life as well down the road if she’s really the mother of the child? She may have to do some more maturing herself for a while before committing to being a mother. Also, her body issues might have something to do with her initially running away.

All of this will probably be known by the season finale of This Is Us. Maybe Madison running out on Kevin will be by decree of Dan Fogelman since he originally didn’t want his wife to spend too much time with Kevin (Justin Hartley).