‘This Is Us’: This Small Detail Might Confirm Kevin’s Fiance Isn’t Who Fans Think

The romances of Kevin on NBC’s This Is Us are almost like musical chairs, but mostly mimic real life with actors going from TV show to movie. This hasn’t stopped fans of the show from wanting Kevin to finally find someone he can settle down with, something already hinted.

All those flash-forwards the show utilizes are helpful in making viewers feel better about the future of the Pearsons while worrying more about the journey of how they get there.

What Kevin’s trajectory will be still has fans concerned because the future “fiancee” he mentions might not be one particular woman he was once married to. Those who watch the show regularly know Kevin was married once to his teenage girlfriend, Sophie.

Will they rekindle their marriage, or will Kevin be happier with someone new?

What are the hints it’s not Sophie?

Justin Hartley on 'This Is Us'
Justin Hartley | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Most of the speculation about this is on Reddit, as usual. There, fans note one keyword Kevin uses the TiU writers are maybe using as a way to throw viewers off the trail. He mentions having a “fiancee,” despite no evidence of who it might be.

One Reddit user wondered why Kevin would refer to Sophie as his fiancee after already being married and divorced once. Not that it still couldn’t mean it’s Sophie, depending on how one wants to look at the process of remarriage.

Some clues to this also come from commenters on the above thread. A viewer might assume when someone refers to having a fiancee, it means someone new in their life. With all the other women in Kevin’s orbit, this is more than possible.

Perhaps some viewers have lost count on all of Kevin’s relationships since he bounces from one to the next. Most recently, he was seen reconnecting with Sophie on the phone after they got back together and broke up again.

Some fans want the fiancee to be Cassidy or an unknown

Whenever Kevin and Sophie get back together, it seems something always goes wrong, although it also seems true they can’t quit one another. Since Kevin is a bit of a changed man in more recent episodes due to rehab and reconnecting with his Uncle Nicky, Sophie might see something different in him.

After all, Kevin lamented to Sophie on the phone he might not be able to find true love like his dad did. Sophie seemed to be taken by this when she called Kevin.

Then there’s Cassidy who seems more like an emotional choice based on how much she and Kevin have in common. Both are recovering alcoholics and have past trauma to overcome. These kinds of emotional connections are what usually draw people together in the real world.

Because Cassidy has a husband and a son already, however, a lot of analysts don’t think Cassidy will be Kevin’s fiancee. Any chance of the woman being from out of left field is more than possible.

Remarriage isn’t all that uncommon

A comment on Reddit above noted some people in the age group of the Big Three refer to their longtime partners as fiances/fiancees. Getting remarried is also not unusual based on recent studies. Some polls say 40% of those marrying nowadays were married at least once before.

How many of those people were married to each other is more of a mystery. Yet, with people able to change as they grow older and through life experience, it’s easy to see how a marriage could end and then rekindle.

In the world of TV, this concept hasn’t always been explored in depth. Seeing how such a thing blossoms may be what This Is Us has in mind.

With all of their deep explorations of things usually not talked about in families, Kevin remarrying Sophie would bring the fullest arc to one of the original Pearson kids.