‘This Is Us’: Why the ‘Good Will Hunting’ Episode Isn’t the End of Kevin and Sophie

Some of the pop culture references thrown into This Is Us are made as possible metaphors to what’s going on with the Pearson family. This makes TiU all the richer in its writing and in being more all-encompassing in the themes it touches on.

With the Kevin and Sophie romance story still unanswered on whether they’ll get back together, a new reference to Good Will Hunting in a recent episode has fans arguing.

Those who missed this reference should know Kevin and Sophie usually avoided endings of romantic movies so they could make up their own endings. The two happened to finally watch the ending of GWH after years of never knowing its outcome.

Once they found out, fans think this was a signal it’s not the end for these original lovebirds who arguably married too early.

Some fans think it’s a movie parallel to the two getting back together

Alexandra Brekenridge as Sophie, Justin Hartley as Kevin on 'This Is Us'
Alexandra Brekenridge as Sophie, Justin Hartley as Kevin | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

There was obvious surprise by Kevin and Sophie at how Good Will Hunting ends, even if fans of the show assumed it signaled a romantic end to the TiU couple. Since they broke their code in watching a movie ending, there were initial ideas it was a form of finale.

Others on social media think it’s just the opposite. After all, Will Hunting does go back to be with his girl, showing there’s a happy ending in store for everybody. Will initially had a million barriers in front of him just as much as Kevin and Sophie do. Regardless, surprise endings do happen, perhaps setting up This Is Us for something similar.

Or is it just a ruse into letting fans think they’ll recommit? The show does a good job of providing some legitimate surprises, so this might be an easy way out.

On the other hand, there are a few plot points that are a little more obvious. It’s the journey really mattering on TiU and not so much providing a shock in the outcomes.

The process of remarriage shouldn’t be thrown out the window

Recently, the basic consensus is that the ending of Good Will Hunting reflects more on Sophie than Kevin. In the end, it may be Sophie making the move on going back to Kevin than the other way around.

Based on the most recent scene of them revisiting their notable campfire site, Sophie seemed to be having some thoughts in wanting to hook back up with her former husband. Kevin seemed to have some feelings as well, but it’s hard to tell what’s going on in their heads at the moment.

The process of remarriage is certainly not out of the question. Many real-life cases are out there of prior married couples remarrying, mostly due to maturity from living life.

Sophie and Kevin were far too young when they married, making it almost doomed to fail. While some young marriages last a lifetime, there just wasn’t enough knowledge of what life would be between these two. Emotion and losing people close to them might be the trigger.

Rebecca’s death might bring them together

One thing audiences found out in the episode A Hell of a Week: Part Two was Sophie’s mother had died. In flashbacks, audiences saw just how close Kevin really was to Sophie’s mom, mostly in her ongoing support in his acting career.

It appeared he considered her like a second mother, fully addressed in an emotional scene at her gravesite following the funeral.

Here’s another interesting element: Sophie’s mom died of MS, a disease that’s been rumored to be what afflicts Rebecca. Will Rebecca also pass from the same disease? Having Kevin and Sophie reconnecting romantically from that alone would be the ultimate full-circle moment for This Is Us.

Perhaps the show will string this out longer, or until the final season of the show before the two realize they’re mature enough to sustain a serious marriage again.