This is What Cristiano Ronaldo Eats to Stay in Shape

Cristiano Ronaldo is a sensation not only in the field but also in real life. At 34, the football star — or soccer star — has all that anyone could wish for: a great career, money, fame, a beautiful family, and a healthy and fit body that makes commercial brands go nuts!

However, all he owns was not offered to him on the proverbial silver platter. He has instead had to work for everything he is famed for today. If you’ve been working towards Ronaldo’s kind of build and wondering how he maintains it, we’ve got answers.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Portugals forward Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring a goal.
Cristiano Ronaldo | Bruno Barros / DPI / NurPhoto via Getty Images

As noted earlier, he is a football sensation and one of the most successful footballers in the world. At 34, he’s almost winding up his career, and when he does, he’ll live behind one of the greatest football legacies. 

Ronaldo has been part of four world cups including the most recent one. He gives Lionel Messi a run for the title GOAT by being one of the highest-paid footballers in the world and also for scoring 600 goals in his career.

Ronaldo has been part of some of the most renowned teams in the premier league. These include Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, and Sporting CP.

How was Cristiano Ronaldo discovered

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Ronaldo has always been passionate about football. When he was young, he played for local teams in San Antonio such as amateur team Andronha.

The popular athlete came into the limelight in 2003 after his team played against Manchester United and won 3-1. While most people were celebrating Portugal’s win, Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester’s coach back then was intrigued by his skills and ensured he had signed him before leaving Portugal.

This marked the beginning of an incredibly successful career, and Ronaldo is now one of the wealthiest footballers with a net worth of $109 million

What Cristiano Ronaldo eats

When Ronaldo turned 30, most people were pessimistic about whether he would manage to maintain his skillset and fitness. Now at 34, he has not only maintained the first two but also boasts a fit lifestyle.

So what’s the secret behind his never-aging body? Well, while working out contributes to his athletic edge, Ronaldo also chooses what he eats wisely. However, this doesn’t mean he shies away from food. In fact, he is a food lover and admits to eating about six small meals every day. While he’s a fan of anything healthy, Ronaldo is a huge fish fan, his favorites being swordfish, gilt-head bream, and sea brass.

Based on a majority of his food posts on Instagram and a recent interview with The Sun, Ronaldo’s diet revolves around proteins. He also consumes a lot of fruits and veggies, protein shakes, supplements, and multivitamins to complement his diet and workouts.

Here’s what his meals on a typical day look like

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On an average day, most of his breakfasts usually includes freshly squeezed fruit juices, ham and cheese, egg, toast with avocado, whole wheat cereals or whole grains and every once in a while, coffee.

For lunch, Ronaldo eats green veggies, baked potatoes, wheat pasta, and salad with chicken. But his favorites are scrambled eggs, bacalhau a Braz with cod onions.

For midday snacks, tuna rolls and fresh juice are enough and for dinner, rice and pulses accompanied with chicken, fruits and beans.

While you definitely can’t have his body, you can work towards a similar one by following in his footsteps. Thus start eating right and working out today!