This Is Why the ‘Below Deck’ Crew Is Rallying Around Emily Warburton-Adams

Emily Warburton-Adams | Emily Warburton-Adams Instagram

For many crew members on Below Deck, the team becomes a family. Crew members from various seasons meet up and support each other, celebrating birthdays, but also providing support during challenging times.

Most recently, the Below Deck gang is sharing one crew member’s plea for help on social media. Emily Warburton-Adams, a second stew on season four is trying to raise funds to help with her father’s journey home after being treated for an aggressive form of colon cancer in Malasia. Warburton-Adams was a fan favorite on the show with her bright smile and easy going personality. Plus, fans rooted for her relationship with Chef Ben Robinson.

However, today Warburton-Adams is facing a serious battle and shares her family’s story on Just Giving.

Tragedy struck while her father was on a business trip

Warburton-Adams’ father fell ill while on a business trip to Malasia in August. While there he was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. The aggressive cancer had already spread to her father’s lymph nodes, liver, lungs, skin, muscle, bones, and brain.

“With cancer this aggressive & advanced, he had to start Chemotherapy treatment immediately,” she wrote on Just Giving. “We were told he couldn’t fly home to the UK until his condition had strengthened; it was just too risky. And so we flew out to Malaysia.”

The family rushes to his side

Since Warburton-Adams’ father could not leave Malasia, she and her sister Isabella flew to him. They spent three weeks with him in the hospital while he received treatment. Warburton-Adams and her sister flew home and planned for their father to be transported back to the UK once he was pain-free and strong enough to fly.

“But that’s not what happened,” Warburton-Adams wrote. “Three months later we’re preparing to fly back, to visit him in a deteriorated condition. He’s lost the ability to use his legs due to cancer in his muscles and calf bones, he is bedridden and in need of 24/7 care, assisted by his partner who‘s had to stop work completely.”

The situation is dire

Warburton-Adams writes that she can’t believe only four short months ago she was holding her father’s hand while walking down the street. Warburton-Adams’ father has had a” liver stent operation, lung drainage, many scans and dialysis post renal failure caused by an overdose of medication due to a lack of communication between his care team.” Additionally, the primary tumor DNA was sent for “DNA Sequencing in Arizona for targeted chemo, giving him the best chances of a longer life.”

As a result, funding to provide healthcare in Malasia has dwindled. So the family is racing to get him home to the UK for treatment.

This is Warburton-Adams’ plea

Warburton-Adams’ wants to get her father home in time for Christmas. But he is so weak and ill he cannot simply hop a plane and fly home. “We discussed options with The British Consulate, his care team and EMS-247 (Emergency Medical Services), but his medical condition means that he is unable to be repatriated home via the normal EMS service,” she wrote.

The family has two options. A “sectioned area of a commercial flight with medical assistance, where he can lie down the whole duration, or fly him via an Air Ambulance.”

Both options are very expensive so Warburton-Adams is trying to raise money to get him home. Captain Lee Rosbach shared her story on Twitter and fans are picking up and sharing her page too.

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