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Jana Duggar’s love life has been a source of consternation for fans of 19 kids and Counting and Counting On. Wild theories about her romantic interests have swirled for years. Some fans worried that Jana wasn’t living her authentic life, while others believed she was being held back from pursuing a relationship to finish raising her younger siblings. However, it appears that the truth behind her single status is far more mundane than some of the theories tossed out by fans on the internet. It seems that Jana simply hasn’t found Mr. Right just yet.

Jana confirms she has dated several men

Fans have long wondered if Jana was romantically linked to her live-in bestie, Laura. Jana, apparently tired of the rumors, took to Instagram to dispel some myths regarding her sexuality, according to OK Magazine. While she first noted that she had no interest in women romantically, she didn’t stop there. To ensure everyone knew she was only romantically interested in men the 28-year-old reality starlet let a little secret slip; she’s dated several men, but it’s never gotten serious.

Jana’s confession has turned the internet upside down. The Duggar family has long contended that courtships are different from traditional dating, as they have the intention of marriage from the very start. Fans have watched as several Duggar children have courted and married their very first romantic interest. If Jana has dated or courted several men, that means she’s breaking some serious Duggar rules. 

So, who are the mystery men in Jana Duggar’s life?

The Facebook group Life Isn’t All Pickles and Hairspray posted a rumor back in February 2019 that Jana had once dated a man by the name of Andrew. The rumored courtship is said to have occurred when Jana was just 17, and that the potential suitor backed out when he realized he was too young to marry. The identity of who “Andrew” is, has never been confirmed, but Reddit users have come up with some theories.

Duggar enthusiasts have argued that the man in question may be the son of a family friend. The rumored former suitor is a firefighter and has gone on to marry a woman within the same ultra-conservative Christian sect. Fans who frequent the FreeJinger forum, however, theorize that the Andrew that Jana is rumored to have dated is now a pastor at New Life Church in Colorado. There is no evidence to back up either claim.

Why Haven’t Jana’s Alleged Courtships Been Featured on Counting On?

While Jana admits to dating several men, she notes that none of them have progressed to a more serious stage. That reason is the most likely explanation for why fans have never watched the reality star beauty go through the courtship process. The Duggar family is highly protective of its brand and curate which courtships are heavily featured on the show. Some fans theorize that Jana’s courtship would only be committed to film if she was already engaged; especially if she has had several failed dating experiences.

Josiah Duggar famously announced a courtship to Marjorie Jackson via a TLC video, only to have to backtrack several months later when the courtship failed. Josiah has since gone on to marry Lauren Swanson. Jackson, for her part, has gone on to build a business and attend a traditional college.