This Kardashian Helped With the O.J. Simpson Trial

The Kardashian-Jenner family announced the 2021 end of their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians noting they are “beyond grateful” to those who’ve watched “for all these years.” The show began four years after famous attorney — and patriarch to Kim, Robert Jr., Kourtney, and Khloé — Robert Kardashian Sr. died from esophageal cancer. As it turns out, one of the Kardashian children helped with the infamous O.J. Simpson trial.

The O.J. Simpson trial rocked the 1990s

The Kardashian Family
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In 1994, former NFL player, Simpson, found himself at the center of a murder trial for the killing of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman.

At the time, Simpson — the primary suspect — fled. Images of his white Bronco speeding down a Los Angeles freeway still haunt many to this day. A lengthy, televised trial ensued, garnering millions of viewers. 11 months later, Simpson was acquitted of the charges, thanks to close friend and attorney, Kardashian Sr.

Accusations of Kardashian’s involvement have circulated for years. The implications stem from Simpson’s Louis Vuitton bag Kardashian somehow got a hold of. The news ran wild with allegations that the bag held key evidence that could’ve sent Simpson to prison.

Kim Kardashian West told GQ Magazine in 2016 she saw the bag, and what was inside.

“That bag was sitting at my dad’s house,” Kim said. “I remember I went through it. The news was like, ‘Where is this Louis Vuitton bag?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s upstairs!’”

Kardashian-West added that she went through the bag and found, “Just toiletries and clothes and golf clothes,” she said. “Just random stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s, like, still in — probably in my dad’s storage.”

Regardless of where the truth lies, the Kardashians and Simpson are forever tied together.

This Kardashian helped with Simpson’s case

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Anyone show knows the Kardashian-Jenner family knows they’ve been instilled with a solid work ethic. Many of the children — both Robert’s and Caitlyn Jenner’s kids — began working at a young age.

When Kourtney Kardashian was 15 years old, she assisted her father during the Simpson trial. During an interview on the Sibling Revelry With Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson podcast, the eldest Kardashian admitted to sorting through Simpson’s mail.

“I was in charge, during the O.J. trial, of organizing the mail, O.J.’s mail, into boxes,” she said. “I had to do ones with money, ones that had a lead…hate mail and fan mail.”

Are the Kardashians still close with Simpson?

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Though Brown-Simpson and Kardashian momager, Kris Jenner became close friends — and rumors of an alleged affair between Jenner and Simpson — Kardashian-West recalled Simpson as being an uncle-type throughout her childhood.

Jenner has vehemently denied any romantic relationship with Simpson and rejects rumors that Khloé is the biological child of Simpson’s. The same year KUWTK premiered, Simpson was charged with armed robbery.

While cordial through social media and public interviews, it doesn’t seem as though the Kardashian-Jenners have any desire to stay close to Simpson. If they did, KUWTK fans would likely hear about it on the show.