This ‘Lucifer’ Star Confessed to Lip-Syncing Their Songs in the Musical Episode

Fans are expecting a devilishly good time with the upcoming Lucifer musical. But one star of the show was less than thrilled about singing and dancing. Here’s the scoop on the cast member who opted out of vocal performances and chose to lip-sync. [Spoiler warning: The following article contains details about Lucifer Season 5.]

'Lucifer' cast
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‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Episode 10 will be a musical

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 10 is fittingly titled “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam.” The hour-long drama, fantasy, musical will feature original performances of popular songs by the cast.

According to what co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich told Entertainment Weekly, the phenomenon that causes the characters to break into song will be plot- driven. She told EW, “We wanted to have a real grounded story reason why they’re singing and dancing, and not just, ‘Oh, this is going to be the one where everybody sings and dances.’” 

Aimee Garcia, who portrays Ella Lopez on the show, gave fans even more details about what prompts the characters’ bizarre behavior. In an interview from the set with Entertainment Tonight, she dished that God is pulling the strings. “He’s playing puppet-master, and he’s getting old, so stuff’s getting a little janky,” quipped Garcia.

A key player chose to lip-sync rather than perform their own vocals

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In the Entertainment Tonight interviews from the set of the musical episode, one Lucifer star admitted their distaste for singing and dancing. Consequently, they did not perform their own vocals within the episode. That star is Lauren German.

While chatting with Entertainment Tonight, German explained, “It wasn’t that scary because I don’t sing my own song. So, I’m just kind of lip [syncing]. So, it’s easier.” Although German elected not to sing, her co-star, Ellis, gave her props on her ability to bust a move. “This one is an amazing dancer, by the way,” Ellis complimented.

Lauren German teased a Deckerstar surprise in the ‘Lucifer’ musical

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Although she “doesn’t love” singing and dancing, German called the experience “challenging and fun.” She also teased a fun surprise for fans within a sequence featuring Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.”

“Actually, I don’t love singing and dancing, but we shot something today that ended up being…” German’s thought was interrupted by hysterical laughter between her and Ellis. Once she got her giggles out, she described an exchange between Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar, aka Deckerstar.

“We shot something today that ended up being very spontaneous but yet also very fun and ridiculous and silly,” said German to Entertainment Tonight. “But the thing I think people might like, they may hate it. But if they like it, I think it’s something that you never imagine Chloe doing. So, I think, you know, anyone who likes the Deckerstar situation are gonna have a laugh. Because you know Chloe just really needs to relax.”

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