This ‘Pitch Perfect’ Easter Egg Revealed 1 Character’s Origins

Fans of the Pitch Perfect movies fell in love with the college a capella group, the Barden Bellas. Anna Kendrick delighted audiences in her role as Beca, Rebel Wilson crushed it as Fat Amy, and Elizabeth Banks, who produced the films, played the ultimate singing competition judge.

But, there was one fan-favorite character audiences didn’t know much about but loved because of her deadpan one-liners and hilarious vibe. She barely talked, was creepily odd, and randomly spouted irrelevant facts. So the Easter egg found in Pitch Perfect 3 that reveals the origin of this unique character makes perfect sense.

‘Pitch Perfect’ features some notable characters, like Lilly Onakuramara

pitch perfect easter egg
(L-R) Ester Dean, Chrissie Fit and Hana Mae Lee are seen at SLAM! Academy of Miami during the Pitch Perfect 3 special event on December 6, 2017 in Miami, Florida. | Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images For Universal

Actor Hana Mae Lee portrayed Lilly (or is it Esther?) in all three Pitch Perfect movies. In addition to one-liners like, “I was born with gills like a fish” and “I set fires to feel joy,” the character engages in some unusual antics throughout the film franchise. She makes angels in vomit, learns to beatbox, and shows off her martial arts skills.

Lilly is an integral part of the Barden Bellas. But it isn’t until Pitch Perfect 3 that she finally gets to drop the whispering and speak at a volume others can hear. Her first coherent words are “cool beans!” When Beca questions, “You talk?” Lilly casually replies, “Satan has finally left my body. Hi, I’m Esther.”

‘Pitch Perfect’ reveals Lilly’s origin with an Easter egg

Before Lilly shares who she really is, the film alludes to her not being who she says she is. In an early scene in Pitch Perfect 3, a travel montage includes a quick glimpse at her passport. In the scene, MsMojo points out that Lilly’s passport reveals she was born on February 9, 1993. Her place of birth is listed as Area 51, Nevada, U.S.A. 

For those unaware, the United States Air Force created a remote classified location in the southern Nevada desert known as Area 51 in the 1950s. The highly-secure facility has been a long-suspected hiding place for aliens and UFOs kept secret by the U.S. military. So this tidbit could be a hint about Lilly’s strange behavior and characteristics.

Janet Jackson is a fan of Lilly

Even music legends love Lilly. In an interview with Brief Take, Lee revealed that her makeup artist, who also worked with Janet Jackson, told her the Rhythm Nation performer was a fan of her character in Pitch Perfect. Lee was shocked that Jackson watched the films.

In 2015, the makeup artist took Lee to see the iconic singer while performing on the Unbreakable World Tour. He told her, “Janet always talks about how your character is so much like her because everyone always tells her that they can’t hear her because she talks really quietly.”

The Babysitter Killer Queen actor found the exchange humorous. “I told him that I’m going to tell everyone that she’s the reason why my character talks so quietly,” Lee said. “Inspired by Janet Jackson.”