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January 2017 marked the first time viewers were introduced the current incarnation of Archie Andrews and Riverdale. A dark deviation from the comics, the television show incorporates the wild, the weird, the flirty and more into its plots. Riverdale has cultivated a devoted—and sometimes passionate—fan base that are down for murderous storylines, cult worshipper tangents, cutesy romances, and seedy rendezvous.

Speaking of which, there’s a new subplot brewing with one of Riverdale’s favorite characters, but fans are not really feeling where things are headed. So, whose story is getting a stamp of disapproval at this moment?

Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott, Lili Reinhart, Marisol Nichols and KJ Apa from 'Riverdale'
Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott, Lili Reinhart, Marisol Nichols and KJ Apa from ‘Riverdale’ | Walter McBride/Getty Images

It’s a “no” on this latest scheme

If you tuned in for the Jan. 29 episode, “Quiz Show,” then you caught the new storyline with Kevin Keller. Although Kevin has had serious love interests in the form of Joaquin, Moose, and sometimes Fangs, he’s also known for having secret dalliances that border on irresponsible. This time, Casey Cott’s Kevin is mixed up in a tickle fetish scheme and it caught some fans off guard.

While some in the Riverdale audience predicted a story of this nature would eventually pop up for him, others are calling it “icky” and “weird” and want someone to save the kid from yet another questionable situation. Twitter users don’t want Kevin doing fetish porn and are really against him looping Fangs into it too. They are pointing out that he’s just a high school kid.

On Reddit, there’s a shared feeling that Tom Keller needs to pay more attention to his son’s behavior and the storyline is a big no. One user wrote “I swear if this porn storyline keeps going I’m gonna screech,” while another simply said to “cease it now.”

Fans have been clamoring for more Kevin

What else draws people to Riverdale? Fans love the characters who all possess something that is part of their charm. Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica may get most of the limelight on the show, but Kevin is a fave. People have been wanting him to become more than a sidekick or “gay stereotype” and are rooting for him to find true love—whether it’s with Fangs or someone else.

Viewers want Kevin’s non-romantic interests explored too. He’s shared some good scenes with his father and his friendship with Betty has had its ups and downs, and fans point out that they want to know more and see more about his life and relationships. They’re hoping this tickle fetish storyline doesn’t mess up the character’s potential story arc this season or moving forward.

Will there be more ‘Bevin’?

The friendship between Kevin and Betty might have been fractured because of Edgar and The Farm, but they’ve found their way back to each other. So, does that mean there will be more Bevin in coming episodes doing work with the junior FBI (if that’s a real thing with sneaky Charles)? Fans hope so, but they can look forward to Kevin spearheading a Riverdale High variety show for the series’ musical episode.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the character is putting together a production that will include a song from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. That special is set to air on April 8 so at least fans know that there won’t be a tickle monster that takes the beloved character out before that date.