This Taylor Swift Song Might Be About This Model, Not Dianna Agron

Back in 2011, Taylor Swift was rumored to have dated Dianna Agron, best known for her role as Quinn Fabray on Glee. Thanks to Swift’s latest release folklore, some fans are back to picking apart the details of a song and piecing together a narrative about Swift and Agron’s possible relationship. 

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Fans speculated a romance between Taylor Swift and Dianna Argon in the past

From 2011 to 2013, theories swirled about a romance between the pop star and actor. When Swift released 1989, many fans read into the song “Wonderland,” thinking the tune to be about the Glee star. 

Swifties found hidden meanings in many of the song lyrics. One fan on Reddit broke down the theory about the song.

“I feel like this one is no doublty about [Dianna Agron],” they wrote, continuing:

This is what started to get me thinking seriously about the articles I had read.

Those of you who don’t know, DA had a tumblr account called ‘down the rabbit hole’ and had ‘we’re all mad here’ tattooed on her. DA does have green eyes.

I also think ‘Didn’t it all seem new and exciting’ could be relevant to stepping out of that comfort zone of her sexuality.

This fan also pointed out several other songs that hinted at a romance between Swift and Agron. 

The Taylor Swift/Dianna Agron rumors started again when ‘folklore’ was released

Swift surprised her fans after a summer in quarantine with the folklore album. Naturally, Swifties started to dissect the music and lyrics on the folk-inspired album, but someone else was listening when the album came out — Agron. Fans caught her listening to “cargidan” on Spotify, sparking the rumors about the “Swiftgron” relationship once again.

Is Taylor Swift’s ‘the 1’ about Dianna Agron?

Perhaps it was because Agron was listening to Swift’s latest album when it was released. Or maybe fans never gave up on confirming Swift and Agron’s romance. Regardless of why, certain fans think Swift wrote “the 1” about her romance with Agron. 

One fan on TikTok noticed the many Swifties referencing “the 1” as another song about Agron — but they disagree. They think “the 1” is a song about Swift’s road trip with friend and model Karlie Kloss. 

Taylor Swift’s ‘the 1’ could be about Karlie Kloss

While “Swiftgron” fans theorized about Swift’s rumored feelings for Agron, one fan dissected how the song could be about Swift’s longtime friend Kloss. The duo ventured out on the road together in 2015 for a Vogue photoshoot and stayed in what this fan referred to as a “remote cabin reviewed as a ‘very romantic getaway for couples.'” 

The fan went on to explain how “the 1” must be about that trip. 

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“The highway you have to take to drive through Big Sur is the 1,” the TikTok fan pointed out. 

“So any time you road trip up and down the coast basically you see these signs the whole way,” they added, pointing to photos of California highway signs. “Let’s remember Taylor did not call ‘the 1’ ‘the one’ — she called it ‘the 1.’ The number 1. I’m not saying anything about Karlie and Taylor’s relationship because I don’t wanna get screamed at. I’m just saying I don’t think that song is about Dianna Agron.” 

Swift fans will agree to disagree about what song is about which person. But for this TikTok Swiftie, “the 1” could be about Kloss.