This ‘You’ Character Could Be the One Who Finally Exposes Joe in Season 3

[Spoiler alert: You season 2]

After watching these last two seasons of Netflix’s You, it’s very clear that Joe Goldberg isn’t the best at covering his tracks.

While he does a great job staying under the radar and penning his crimes on other people, it’s only a matter of time before someone exposes him for who he really is.

Netflix's 'You'
Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You | Netflix

Forty was close to exposing Joe

So far, Joe Goldberg has had a string of good luck and has been able to avoid the consequences many people have set forth for him.

While he was close to having his life ruined by his ex-girlfriend, Candace, things ended up working out in his favor after she’s killed by his new love interest, Love.

Now that Candace is no longer a threat, he can now enjoy the rest of his life in L.A., or so he thinks.

Before the newly released season ended with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers, Joe was faced with an ultimatum after Love’s twin brother, Forty, finds out about his killer ways.

While many of us thought Joe was going to die at the hands of Forty, luck was once again on his side when the aspiring producer was shot and killed instead.

Now you’re probably wondering how exactly Forty can expose Joe now that he’s dead? Let’s breakdown the facts, shall we?

Early on in the season, Joe agrees to help Forty adapt Beck’s book, The Dark Face of Love, in order to stay close to Love and make her happy.

Though it wasn’t easy working with the well-known addict, Joe persevered and the two men are able to make progress along the way.

With the movie script still needing a few tweaks, (one of which is finding out who killed Beck), Forty decides to drug, kidnap, and force Joe to help him with the creative process in a locked hotel room.

During their acid trip, Forty experiences a breakthrough and is confident Beck is killed by an ex-lover, which Candace confirms is true the following day.

After finding out that his script is completely accurate, Forty couldn’t be happier, but his joy doesn’t last very long because Candace also reveals that Beck’s killer was, in fact, Joe.

Following a quick trip to New York to see the incarcerated Dr. Nicky, Forty realizes the truth about Joe’s murderous ways and heads back to L.A. where he confronts his sister’s lover with a loaded gun.

Unfortunately for Forty, Officer Fincher sees him pointing the gun and fatally shot him before he had a chance to do same thing to Joe.

Joe could run into some trouble once Forty’s movie is released

Although Forty wasn’t able to expose Joe for the person he really is, there is a chance this aspiring producer could still bring him down.

Since Forty finished writing the script for the movie, there is a possibility it can still be made, and finally be Joe’s downfall.

Though Joe’s not named in the script, Candace points out to Forty (before his untimely death) that the story clearly points Beck’s murder all on him.

So, if viewers end up looking more into Beck’s story like Forty, Joe’s dark side will finally be revealed.

While this is just speculation for the time being, it actually doesn’t sound too far off.

We all know that Joe’s luck will one day run out and if Forty’s movie actually does get released, he better hope for the best.