This ‘You’ Star Admits They Were Completely Blindsided by That Shocking Season 2 Plot Twist

*You Season 2 spoilers ahead*

If you’re like us, you completely devoured Season 2 of Netflix’s You in record time and are now trying to wrap your head around every crazy thing that just took place.

In addition to Joe Goldberg‘s stalker ways, fans were quick to talk about the huge plot twist towards the end of the season that rendered everyone speechless.

Netflix's 'YOU'
Penn Badgley starring in the ‘YOU’ | Netflix

This Season 2 plot twist was something no one saw coming

Season 2 of You was filled with so many twists and turns that our heads are still spinning.

Viewers watched as Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) traveled to Los Angeles from New York to start a whole new life and escape the wrath of his presumably-dead ex-girlfriend.

While Joe tried to leave his obsessive serial killer ways behind him and start fresh, he sets his eyes on a new love interest in LA and get this, her name is actually Love (Victoria Pedretti).

Just like in Season 1, Joe develops an unhealthy infatuation with Love and will stop at nothing to make her fall in love with him.

But as history repeats itself, the former book store clerk runs into a few hurdles along the way, one of them being his ex-girlfriend , Candace Stone, coming back into the picture. (If you don’t want us to spoil Season 2 for you, avert your eyes.)

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During the Season 1 finale, Candace (Ambyr Childers) made her grand debut after it was believed that Joe had killed her following their tumultuous romance.

Not only does her appearance take Joe completely by surprise, it also leaves him scared for his life, which results in him packing up and heading out west.

Throughout Season 2, viewers get to learn a little bit more about the woman who wants to expose Joe for everything he is. One of the biggest revelations we came across was that Joe did attempt to kill Candace and though he thought he succeeded, he left her still breathing.

Instead of leaving her old life behind, Candace decides to seek out Joe in LA and stop him from hurting Love.

While Candace’s plan was going pretty well in the beginning, the plot twists of all plot twists had to go and happen.

Ambyr Childers admits that she didn’t see the plot twist coming

In episode 9, the red-headed beauty is finally able to show Love the type of person Joe really is by exposing her to his ultra-creepy storage unit lair.

While Candace thought she’d finally taken down her maniac ex, Love goes ahead and kills her, shocking viewers as well as Childers.

During a recent interview with Glamour, the actress opened up about the unexpected plot twist and admitted that she too was shocked by Love’s sinister ways.

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“She plays this beautiful, vulnerable, sweet, broken human being,” Childers told the outlet back in December 2019. “When she killed Candace in the end, it’s just like, I don’t think people are going to see that coming. You don’t. What you think is because Candace is back, somehow she’s going to figure a way out to get Joe back. And, yeah, she does in little ways, but ultimately you can’t put up a fight against him. That’s just the way it is.”

While Candace made a valiant effort to finally destroy Joe Goldberg, who’s to say someone else won’t pick up where she left off?

With Joe having made many enemies and with Love’s true colors finally showing through, fans are already certain that Season 3 of You will bea crazy ride.