Who is Thouxanbanfauni, and How Is His Name Pronounced?

Atlanta rapper Thouxanbanfauni rose to fame by persistently releasing music on Soundcloud; now considered a king of the platform amongst frequent collaborators, UnoTheActivist and Playboi Carti. Also known as Fauni Figueroa, he is recognized by his unique melodic, choppy flow, and seemingly random stage name. However, he received his uncommon rap moniker from a devastating situation he lived through.

The rapper has a squeaky clean reputation, however, suffered one minor arrest after security refused to let him in a venue to perform for A$AP Yams Day. How is Thouxanbanfauni’s name pronounced, and why did he get arrested?

Rapper Thouxanbanfauni | Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Thouxanbanfauni’s name pronunciation

In a XXL interview, Taajwar Latimore thoroughly explained the correct and incorrect ways to pronounce his stage name and described the terrifying situation that inspired his rap moniker. The pronunciation is “Thousand-Ban-Fawnee,” not “Thousand-Ban-Funny,” “Thou-Sin-Band-Fawnee,” or “Thousand-Band-Fawnee.”

However, he said he would accept “Thou” as a nickname. The young rapper said the first part of his name comes from an incident where he took “like a thousand” pills and overdosed. After he survived the scary ordeal, his friends began calling him “Thouxan.” Money is the inspiration behind the second section of his name, and, finally, “fauni” because he views life half-seriously.

Thouxanbanfauni’s music career

Born October 3, 1993, in Chattanooga, the rapper moved to Atlanta at a young age where his family raised him. He began releasing music on Soundcloud with fellow Atlanta rappers UnoTheActivist and Playboi Carti, accumulating a significant following on the platform.

Latimore has released two mixtapes with UnoTheActivist, For Christ Sake and For Christ Sake 2, in 2017 and 2019. All three rappers also have a few singles together, with “These Hoes” being one of their most known songs. Having worked with the two closely, he derived some of his sound from the rap stars.

However, while Playboi Carti shines with his production, Latimore stands out with his sharp rhymes. Currently, he has over 250,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, a YouTube channel with 25,000 subscribers (although he posts most of his videos through WorldStarHipHop), and his Soundcloud account has exceeded more than 117,000 followers.

Thouxanbanfauni’s beef with Playboi Carti

In May of 2018, things seemingly went south between the frequent collaborators as Latimore and UnoThe Activist both called Playboi Carti out for turning on them. In an Instagram Live, Latimore addressed Carti by first calling him an “ a b*tch.”

Latimore then clarified what he meant by explaining that Carti “sneak dissed” him and blocked him from collaborating with other rappers. According to Latimore, he believes Carti is acting this way towards him because he’s scared other rappers are “taking his wave.”

Even though Latimore said he would “smack” Carti they next time they see each other, he clarified several times that he loves Carti but “brothers fight.”

UnoTheActivist tweeted his frustrations with his cousin, Carti in October 2018, backing up several things Latimore mentioned. UnoTheActivist called Carti a snake for befriending a man who allegedly shot him two years prior. He also claimed Carti ripped off his style and accused his cousin of selling his soul for fame.

Why did Thouxanbanfauni get arrested?

Latimore was booked to perform at Yams Day in New York City; however, security refused to let him in the venue. This upset the Atlanta rapper, and the New York Police Department intervened and arrested him. He then uploaded a picture to Twitter of himself cuffed to bars in a jail cell. The police eventually released him a couple of days later on January 20.