Three 2PM K-Pop Idols Will Star in Upcoming November K-Dramas

The Hottest fandom will get to see three 2PM idols star in upcoming November Korean dramas. The K-Pop group debuted in 2008 and has since been one of the industry’s most recognized groups with some of their classic songs “Heartbeat” and “My House.” Three of its members have since ventured into acting during their music careers. The upcoming November K-dramas starring 2PM range from romance, comedy, and tantalizing affairs.

Taecyeon, Junho, and Chansung are well-recognized actors and idols, appearing in many recognizable on-screen works. Taecyeon recently gained critical acclaim for his role in Netflix’s Vincenzo as his fellow team members have starred in So I Married the Anti-fan and Wok of Love.

Chansung, Junho, and Taecyeon 2PM idols for November K-dramas dressed as their main characters
Chansung, Junho, and Taecyeon of 2PM for ‘Show Window: Queen’s House,’ ‘The Red Sleeve,’ and ‘Secret Royal Inspector & Joy’ | via tvN and Channel A

Chansung will star in the mystery melodrama ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’

Soompi reported on Oct.14, Show Window: Queen’s House got its first character posters will Chansung in the role as Han Jung-won. The K-drama stars Soon Yoon-ah, Lee Sung-jae, and Jeon So-min in a twisted web of lies and adultery. Song plays the title role as Han Sun-joo, a devoted wife and mother who has it all. She unknowingly supports the adultery of a woman named Shun Myung-seob (Lee.) But, Sun-joo is completely unaware the woman’s affair is with her husband.

2PM’s Chansung plays the role of Sun-joo’s younger brother in the November K-drama. He has been sheltered all his life and protected by his older sister. Jung-won is kind, warm-hearted, and optimistic. But even the safest of people can fall. According to Soompi, his character poster is captioned with “Just because you’re always careful of yourself doesn’t mean that you won’t get hurt.”

Show Window: Queen’s House will premiere on Nov.29 on Channel A.

2PM’s Taecyeon is a goofy royal investigator in ‘Secret Royal Inspector & Joy’

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One of tvN’s highly talked-about dramas is the upcoming November K-drama Secret Royal Inspector & Joy starring 2PM’s main rapper Taecyeon and actor Kim Hye-yoon. The historical K-drama centers around Ra Yi-eon played by Taecyeon. Yi-eon has a simple dream of opening a restaurant outside the palace and indulging in his love for food. But, the goofy and clumsy character is appointed as a royal inspector against his will. He travels across prices to uncover corruption.

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy‘s other main character breaks away from the traditional image of a Joseon woman. According to Soompi, Kim Jo-yi (Kim) is a “divorced woman from the Joseon era who charges to find her happiness.” After becoming miserable in her marriage, Jo-yi takes her happiness into her own hands and joins Yi-eon.

Jo-yi awakens Yi-eon’s sense of justice ad righteousness. K-drama fans can expect a lot of laugh-out-loud comedy as the two characters polar opposites who travel the country together. Secret Royal Inspector & Joy will premiere on Nov. 8 on tvN and Viki.

Junho becomes king in the historical November K-drama ‘The Red Sleeve’

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The Red Sleeve has fans excited as its teasers, and still images promise a heat-raising and forbidden romance between a court lady and the King of Joseon. The historical K-drama is based on a novel and stars 2PM’s Junho alongside actor Lee Se-young in the November K-drama. The Red Sleeve’s storyline is between Yi-san (Junho), the king, and Seong Dok-im, a royal noble consort.

The two characters start to fall in love, but their stories and titles make it a difficult romance. Yi-san puts the affairs and his devotion to the country before love. According to Soompi, his character poster explains, “I’m being patient because there’s something I want to achieve. In order to get what you want, you have to endure.” Despite, Yo-san’s persistence to resits Dok-im, he falls head over heels.

Dok-im refuses to become just another one of the King’s many women. She fights to protect the life she chose and expresses, “Even if it’s small, I want to live while making my own choices.” Her desire for a simple life is upturned when she meets Yi-san, and they battle to control their feelings. The Red Sleeve K-drama will premiere on Nov.5 on Viki.