‘Tiger King’: Joe Exotic’s Ex-Fianceé Says They Didn’t Have Sex, ‘I Will Admit I’m Naive’

Netflix released Tiger King 2, and people get to see how the people in the first season are dealing with a unique lane to fame. Joe Exotic’s (born Joseph Maldonado-Passage) ex-fianceé is in the season, and she talked about their relationship.

‘Tiger King’ Season 2 dives into Joe Exotic’s early days

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The second season of Tiger King includes Maldonado-Passage speaking from prison. It also continues the conversation about the case around the missing Don Lewis.

The first season of the Netflix show dropped viewers into a wild world of big cats and feuds. It covered a lot about Maldonado-Passage’s life, but it mainly focused on recent years.

The second season starts touching on his childhood. His brother, Yarri Schreibvogel, was interviewed to shed light on that in the first episode. But then viewers get to learn about a woman from Maldonado-Passage’s past.

Joe Exotic’s ex-fianceé says she was naive when it came to him and sex

Tiger King 2: Joe Exotic holds a phone receive in prison
Joseph Maldonado-Passage | Netflix

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Kimberly Craft was interviewed in the episode “Beg Your Pardon” about her relationship with Maldonado-Passage. He was a policeman at the time, and she thought he was good-looking. 

She was single with two children. The officer had a warrant for her ex-boyfriend’s arrest because he was abusive to her. He later proposed, and they lived together. One surprising thing about their relationship is that they didn’t have sex.

“It really made me feel special that Joe was a gentleman and wanted to wait to have sex,” Craft said. “I will admit I’m naive, OK, so I guess when somebody says something like that, you really want to believe it.”

Everything in their relationship wasn’t so sweet. Craft said she found out he was stripping for the mayor and her friends. Maldonado-Passage claimed he took the job to get money for a fire truck. Then there was the topic of his sexuality.

“I mean, everybody had been telling me that he was gay,” Craft said. “I didn’t want to believe it, but he was.” She found out he was going to gay bars. They ended the engagement once she found out, but they stayed friends.

Who did he date after Kimberly Craft?

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Maldonado-Passage came out as gay. He then started dating Brian Rhyne, and they got married. They were together for 16 years. Craft still spent time with the couple.

Maldonado-Passage is currently married to Dillon Passage. Dillon is also in season 2, and the first episode showed his response to his newfound fame. “I absolutely love Joe, but you know, I don’t want to be forever known as just ‘Joe Exotic’s husband.’ I want to be Dillon Passage,” he said.

His husband didn’t have kind words to say about him. “Dillon turned into a little monster because he wants his five minutes of fame,” Maldonado-Passage said. Dillon talked about having merchandise for sale and filmed with his manager. So it sounds like the first season affected their relationship.