‘Tiger King’: Photos of Chris Brown’s Daughter Playing With an Elephant Spark USDA Investigation on Doc Antle

You might not think that Chris Brown has any connection to Tiger King, but recent events prove differently. Brown’s actions have resulted in an investigation of one of the stars of the popular Netflix 

Here is everything you need to know about the investigation and the photo that prompted it. 

Chris Brown posted a photo of his daughter at Myrtle Beach Safari

On August 20, 2021, Chris Brown posted a black and white photo of his daughter at Myrtle Beach Safari playing with an elephant on Instagram. Brown shares his 7-year-old daughter Royalty Brown with her mother, Nia Guzman. Tiger King’s Doc Antle is the director of Myrtle Beach Safari.

The same day, Doc Antle posted a video of Royalty Brown climbing on an elephant in a body of water. Antle captioned the post, “My Beautiful daughter Bubbles having some fun on the river with @missroyaltybrown and mom @therealniaguzman.” Based on Antle’s post, it’s unlikely that Chris Brown was at Myrtle Beach Safari that day. 

Doc Antle holds a mountain lion's mouth open while Jay Leno raises a microphone to the mountain lion.
Doc Antle and Jay Leno | Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank

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PETA demanded an investigation shortly after Chris Brown’s post 

Just a few days after Chris Brown and Doc Antle posted the images of Royalty Brown playing with Bubbles the elephant, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture demanding an investigation of Myrtle Beach Safari. 

The animal rights organization highlighted Royalty Brown’s interaction with Bubbles, saying that it was not only dangerous but also illegal. They pointed out Royalty diving off the elephant’s head. 

“Royalty has a frightened expression on her face as she starts to slip from Bubbles’ head,” PETA’S letter states (per The Sun News). “This dangerous stunt put Royalty at risk of serious injury or drowning.” The animal rights organization claims that Antle violated the Animal Welfare Act

PETA says the USDA itself warns people that they put themselves at risk when interacting with elephants. The USDA requires humans to stay eight feet away from the large mammals. 

“Elephants pose a significant danger to humans due to their sheer size, strength and intelligence. It’s particularly hazardous for members of the public to be near elephants’ heads, tusks, and trunks, which the animals may use to knock, throw, gore, or crush someone without warning. In nature, elephants use their incredible strength to uproot trees and ward off threats – even flipping the cars of tourists that get too close,” PETA’s letter states.

PETA wants the USDA to investigate the treatment of animals and operations at Doc Antle’s Myrtle Beach Safari. 

Chris Brown smiles and winks for the camera.
Chris Brown | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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The USDA is looking into PETA’s claims

According to TMZ, PETA’s letter reached the USDA. The department is investigating the claims against Myrtle Beach Safari and Doc Antle

Antle doesn’t seem too worried, as he said that organizations such as PETA don’t understand USDA protocols. He believes they often file illegitimate complaints.

“We are well aware of the USDA protocols to conduct this type of filming, as we have been involved in film work of this nature for decades, including more than 500 films, documentaries, television productions, and advertisements,” Antle said in response to the investigation. “Rest assured that we are in full compliance with all federal and state regulations. USDA is our partner in animal welfare and we share a passion and commitment to providing the highest possible care for our animal ambassadors at the preserve.”