How TikTok Star Kat Stickler Deals With Internet Trolls

Kat Stickler is a TikTok star with millions of followers who want to know everything about her life. Her social media journey started off as something to do for fun with her husband Mike. But it eventually turned into a full-time job creating content about her marriage, pregnancy, and the birth of her daughter.

However, when she and Mike announced their split, Stickler had to pivot not only her life as a newly single mother but also the content she created. This provided the 27-year-old with more opportunities to share her story. It also gave internet trolls a lot of fodder to tear apart. Here’s how she deals with critics.

Kat Stickler is a TikTok star who shares her life on the platform

Social media can be hit and miss for some. Those who want to grow their following may have a hard time, while others seem to attract an audience without really trying. It was on a whim during the pandemic that Stickler decided to download TikTok and start creating posts on the platform.

Although the Miami native originally used the app as a creative outlet to fight boredom, her audience grew significantly once she started sharing her pregnancy story.

The father of her child, Mike, also played a significant role in many of her videos early on. However, the celebrity couple did split after the birth of their daughter, Mary Katherine (known to fans as MK). It came as a shock to most of her fans; few were not aware of what was going on when the cameras were off.

Kat Stickler has learned how to deal with internet trolls

Kat Stickler smiles with her daughter and dog while sitting on her bed
Social media star Kat Stickler with her daughter and dog | Kat Stickler via Youtube

No matter how popular a social media influencer may be, they all receive negative comments from internet trolls. As Distractify reports, Stickler explained:

“They feel like they own you because they made you. Especially now with announcing a breakup publicly, a lot of backlash for acting like I was happy. That kind of surprised me. Then I remember feeling ashamed for being happy, but you just have to get out of that mindset because I got super sad when reading those comments.” 

It wasn’t just about the idea that she may have pretended to be happy. She was also hit with a few negative comments once she tried to start that new chapter in her life. On that, she said, “A new chapter in your life, you think you’re unfazed, and then they come at you with new comments. That hurts.”

Overall, it seems like Stickler has learned to disregard the trolls because they don’t know what her real life is like. She doesn’t owe them an explanation.

One of the biggest changes for Stickler since she started her TikTok account was her split from her significant other. This changed her image from a happy family to an independent woman doing things on her own. Unlike so many other social media stars who make drastic changes, this hasn’t dampened Stickler’s popularity.

In fact, many fully embrace the vulnerability she showed when making the divorce announcement. They still love following all of the content Stickler produces, including videos and posts involving her daughter, MK. Plus, some of her followers are divorced and appreciate her candid look at starting over.

In terms of numbers, Stickler’s online presence has created a net worth of around $500,000. She has an audience of 8.3 million on TikTok and more than 830,000 followers on Instagram. Her YouTube channel is just as popular. As long as Stickler continues to produce content people enjoy, she’ll be a force on social media for years to come.

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