TLC is Keeping it All in the Family: The Browns and the Alldredges are Related

While it is hard to nail down the exact number of polygamist families in the country, most statistics suggest about 50,000 families are living the plural life. Even with 50,000 different families to present to the world, TLC has been keeping things close. The stars of Sister Wives have a pretty close and personal relationship to one of the Seeking Sister Wife families. The Browns and the Alldredges apparently know each other really well!

The Browns and the
Alldredges were friends

The Brown family had a happening social life back in Utah – at least it seems that way. According to the family, they’ve always felt most comfortable in The Salt Lake state and were bummed when they were forced to retreat. Before they landed in Sin City, the Brown’s hosted a ton of social events, and apparently, the Alldredge family was around for most of them.

Jeff Alldredge second wife, Sharis, dropped the bomb on fans in a social media post, letting everyone know that they were great friends with the Browns. She told fans that the two families would get together monthly to watch UFC fights together. She even noted that the Brown family is kind of responsible for the Alldredge’s current familial situation. According to In Touch, Vanessa and Jeff Alldredge first laid eyes on each other at the Brown house!

Aspyn Brown married into the family

It would stand to reason that at some point the Brown kids would marry into other plural families. Aspyn Brown is the first to have made that happen. In 2018 she married Mitch Thompson. Thompson and Aspyn knew each other as kids in Utah, but drifted apart when the Brown family up and moved to Utah. They reconnected later and ended up married, according to In Touch.

Mitch Thompson is more than just Aspyn’s husband. He is the brother of Vanessa Alldredge; the woman who is portrayed as Jeff Alldredge’s first wife. Thompson’s family, along with the Alldredge family and the Browns all attended the same church, so obviously their paths crossed.

Are Aspyn and Mitch planning more wives?

Even though both Mitch and Aspyn were raised in the same small church that promotes polygamy, apparently, they don’t have any interest in living the lifestyle – or so they claim. Shortly after her engagement in 2018, fans questioned the reality TV star about whether or not she plans to live a plural lifestyle. While Aspyn didn’t answer Mitch did, according to Entertainment Daily. The Utah-based carpenter told fans that he was hoping they’d be able to stick to just one husband.

Aspyn, while clearly well adjusted, has been vocal about her desire for a monogamous relationship. According to Us Weekly, Aspyn has made it clear that plural marriage is not for her. In fact, none of the Brown children seem to have much of an interest in the principle, even after being raised in such a family.