‘To All the Boys’: Does Lara Jean End Up With Peter Kavinsky or John Ambrose McClaren?

It’s hard to imagine anyone stealing Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) from Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) after watching To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before a million times over — but John Ambrose McClaren (Jordan Fisher) might be the one to do it in P.S. I Still Love You. The sequel to the hit Netflix film will be released on Wednesday, Feb. 12. And of course, fans are getting nervous to see who will get together. So does Lara Jean end up with Peter or John in the To All the Boys series? Here’s what we know.

[Spoiler alert: To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.]

Does Lara Jean end up with John Ambrose or Peter Kavinsky in ‘P.S. I Love You’?

Throughout To All the Boys: P.S. I Love You, Lara Jean has a choice to make — Peter or John. At the start of the film, all is well. Lara Jean and Peter are at the beginning of their new — and real — relationship. However, the decision becomes unclear once John — who moved away when they were children — comes back into Lara Jean’s life.

By chance, both Lara Jean and John sign up to volunteer at Belleview, a retirement home. They reconnect and reminisce over their past while getting to know one another in the present. Meanwhile, Lara Jean and Peter seem to disconnect.

From the beginning, Lara Jean is insecure about Peter’s past relationship with Gen (Emilija Baranac) — Peter’s ex-girlfriend and Lara Jean’s ex-best friend. Lara Jean constantly compares her relationship to Gen and Peter’s. She also grows closer to John and doesn’t tell him about dating Peter. But when the truth gets out, both parties express they are hurting and try to move forward. 

Jordan Fisher and Lana Condor as John Ambrose McClaren and Lara Jean in 'To All the Boys PS I Still Love You' on Netflix
Jordan Fisher and Lana Condor as John Ambrose McClaren and Lara Jean in ‘To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You’ | Netflix/Bettina Strauss

But later, things get worse. Chris (Madeleine Arthur) sees Peter and Gen embracing each other. Then Peter admits he knew Gen took the video of them together in the hot tub because he was waiting for his ex that night — not Lara Jean. Peter also explains he has been in communication with Gen. So Lara Jean breaks up with Peter.

Eventually, Lara Jean’s heartbreak leads her to have a conversation with Gen. Lara Jean admits her insecurities. Meanwhile, Gen confirms she was speaking with Peter because her parents are getting a divorce and her ex understands the situation. She also shares that Peter only thinks about Lara Jean.

Towards the end of P.S. I Love You, Lara Jean gets her fairy tale moment with John. At Belleview, the two friends share a string of cute moments together. They dance, talk, and make snow angels outside — it’s easy. Then Lara Jean and John kiss. 

The intimate moment could have shown Lara Jean and John getting together. However, the kiss made one thing clear to Lara Jean — she wants Peter. John understands and lets her go. Lara Jean leaves the retirement home. But Peter is already there because he knows she doesn’t like driving in the snow. 

Lara Jean and Peter finally exchange mutual “I love you’s” and share a kiss. They end up together at the end of the sequel — but it isn’t over yet. To All the Boys is getting a third film.

Who does Lara Jean end up with in the books?

Prior to the To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You release date, Netflix announced the third film — Always And Forever, Lara Jean — is already on its way. Filming for To All the Boys 3 ended in September 2019. Therefore, fans can expect the next installment sometime in the near future.

Even so, all three books in the Jenny Han-created series are already out, flourishing in our world. So if Netflix chooses to follow the narrative of the original story, we know who Lara Jean ends up with. And it’s not much of a surprise.

In the final book of the trilogy, Peter and Lara Jean struggle with their relationship as things start to get real about the future. It’s senior year and both parties are thinking about college after graduation.

Peter and Lara Jean apply to the same school for their relationship. But when Peter receives a lacrosse scholarship, Lara Jean doesn’t get in. Meanwhile, Lara Jean applies to other schools and eventually, she is accepted to both. That said, one is out of state and one is closer to Peter. And in a turn of events, she loves the school that’s farther away.

Unknown to Lara Jean, Peter wants to transfer to Lara Jean’s college so they can be together. So then Peter’s mom asks Lara Jean to think about breaking up with her son. Later, Lara Jean becomes intoxicated and she breaks up with Peter. But of course, their split is short-lived.

Peter shows up and speaks with Lara Jean. They both love each other and want to continue dating, even if they are separated by distance. And in the end, Lara Jean and Peter stay together.

Will Jordan Fisher return as John Ambrose McClaren in ‘To All the Boys 3’?

Now, it’s possible To All the Boys 3 will deviate from the books and bring Fisher back as John for the third film.

“I think there’s always room for Jordan Fisher,” Condor told Entertainment Tonight when asked about John’s potential return.

Meanwhile, Fisher could not confirm nor deny his appearance in the final film.

“We’ll have to see,” Fisher said. “Filming for the third film has already taken place and I, Jordan Fisher, cannot confirm nor John Ambrose’s involvement in the third film.”

But even so, Condor promised To All the Boys 3 will mainly focus on Peter and Lara Jean as they try to navigate their plans for the future.

“A lot of the third movie is based around college,” Condor said. “We tackle more real life because there’s really no distractions. It’s just him and I, and [we] figure it out.”

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