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Many consider the Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie as having a girl-next-door quality that attracts viewers from all demographics. As a lead anchor on the morning news program since 2012, Guthrie welcomed Hoda Kotb as the replacement for Matt Lauer after his infamous firing in 2017. The affable female team has become a fan favorite in network news programming.

Guthrie has earned her place as a key player in the NBC News division, but is she getting paid as such?

Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Guthrie doesn’t earn what Matt Lauer used to make

While Guthrie pulls in a profitable salary, the amount is still a long way from what ousted anchor Lauer earned, who had signed a two-year contract extension in 2016 for $20 million per year as reported by Fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Guthrie’s current annual salary is $8 million, with a total net worth of $20 million.

Guthrie, now 47, was born in Australia but grew up in Tuscon, Arizona, according to the Hollywood Reporter. She earned her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Arizona in 1993, then went on to receive her Juris Doctor in 2002 from Georgetown University Law Center. Guthrie spent much of her time in local news, reporting for network affiliates in Missouri, Arizona, and Washington, D.C. Guthrie also covered high-profile cases for Court TV (now truTV) such as the Michael Jackson sex abuse scandal and Martha Stewart’s tax evasion sentencing.

As the Hollywood Reporter stated, her rapid rise on the Today Show began when she was an NBC News White House correspondent from 2008 to 2011. She joined Today full time as co-host of the show’s third hour in the summer of 2011.

Guthrie replaced Anne Curry in 2012

Guthrie is also known as the anchor who replaced Anne Curry in 2012, after Curry’s highly publicized exit. According to the 2017 article in Vulture, the blame was focused on Lauer for how Curry was booted out, with reports that he complained about Curry to executive producer Jim Bell, and felt that they had no onscreen rapport. Curry’s tearful onscreen goodbye was difficult for her co-anchors, including Guthrie. “I think that was a hard day for everyone who cares about this show,” Guthrie told New York Magazine in 2013. “All of us … feel connected to what happened … and feel it really personally.”

According to the article in New York Magazine, Guthrie got caught in the fallout of Curry’s emotional departure, where some saw her as “the other woman,” infuriating Guthrie’s agent in the handling of the transition by NBC. Eventually the dust settled and Guthrie has long been accepted as part of the Today Show team by co-workers and viewers.

Guthrie appreciates having kids later in life

Guthrie married Michael Feldman, a media consultant and former political advisor, in 2014 after dating since 2009, according to People. The couple shares two children: daughter Vale born in 2014, and son Charlie in 2016.

“I always wanted to be a mom, and it took us so long to get married — we dated for so long — that we thought maybe it was too late and we’d lost our chance,” Guthrie told People.

Starting a family in her 40s, Guthrie can appreciate the benefits of having children later in life. “I definitely have a good head on my shoulders, I am able to prioritize, and I think there’s a luxury to feel calm enough and not to feel the same pressures as in your 20s and 30s, when you are really trying to make your career happen,” Guthrie said in the People article. “Now, I can really take my time and enjoy our kids… We feel so lucky to have each other.”