‘Today Show:’ Who is Natalie Morales’ Husband?

Natalie Morales of the Today Show joined the NBC morning news program in 2006. Leaving New York City in 2016 to become co-host of Access Hollywood while remaining on Today as their West Coast anchor, the journalist moved to Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.

Often speaking of her family life, Morales is clearly successful in her personal life as well as her professional one. Married since 1998, the NBC star’s husband also has some impressive credits to his name.

"Today Show's" Natalie Morales attends the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel
Natalie Morales of the “Today Show” | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The journalist and the entrepreneur

Morales and Joe Rhodes tied the knot in Colorado in August 1998. Rhodes received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and his MBA from Columbia Business School, according to Heavy.

After working as an investment banker for several years, Rhodes launched his own firm, Stockton Road Capital, in December 2008. According to its website, the company “is a specialized private equity investment firm and adviser that focuses on the Consumer Products Industry.” 

Furthering his professional profile, Rhodes is also a managing partner of Hummingbird Brands, a leader in the healthy food and beverage industry with a focus on making a social and environmental impact. The entrepreneur is an active investor in several leading brands in the food space including Lenny & Larry’s, Daiya Foods, and Jamieson Wellness.

Proud parents of two boys

The couple welcomed son Josh in 2004, and son Luke in 2008. Morales prefers the wider age gap between her kids. “I think the age difference has actually worked to my benefit, because from day one Josh was so excited,” she said, according to Heavy. “He always wants to kiss and hold the baby.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the family went all out when picking their new digs in California. Purchasing a freshly built home in Brentwood for $6.8 million, the manse boasts six bedrooms, 5.25 bathrooms, a swimming pool, spa, and terrace patio with outdoor fireplace to house the family of four.

The cause close to the couple’s heart

Rhodes’ mother Kay was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s when she was just in her mid-50s. Living with the illness until her death 15 years later, Morales’ mother-in-law made a major impact on the couple’s lives and how they live today.

“When my mother-in-law was diagnosed, my husband and I took that as our … mission in life,’” the journalist said, according to Today.com. “All of the things that people are doing to stay fit and healthy these days, we’re doing, but times 10 because we also realize, when you have somebody in the family has early onset, the genetic risk unfortunately increases. So yeah, my husband is very aware of that. And we do what we can to prepare right for the unthinkable.”

Rhodes and Morales make a point of avoiding too much repetition and try to purposely take on different challenges to keep their minds sharp. “Your brain needs to be challenged in so many different ways, whether it’s doing puzzles, crossword puzzles, learning new tasks, even just driving different ways,” Morales said. “If you’re constantly changing your routine, and challenging yourself, studies show that those are ways to at least prevent perhaps early onset or push it off a little bit longer.”

Now a champion of the cause, Morales devotes her time and efforts to the Alzheimer’s Association in the hopes of bringing awareness to the disease. “The more we learn now the better we are at planning for our future and doing all that we can to better educate and prepare for ourselves or our loved ones,” she said.

Both Rhodes and Morales continue to work towards furthering research and supporting those afflicted with Alzheimer’s.