‘Today Show:’ Why Carson Daly Thinks Savannah Guthrie Shouldn’t Do Intermittent Fasting

Viewers love Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show for her down-to-earth nature and authenticity. Often speaking on life with her husband Michael Feldman and two young kids – Vale, 5, and Charley, 3 – Guthrie has also spoken on issues with self-acceptance and trying to maintain a healthy diet and exercise despite a demanding schedule.

While Guthrie has given the latest diet trends a try such as keto and intermittent fasting, co-host Carson Daly recently made an observation on the effects a revised eating schedule has on the Today anchor.

“Today Show’s” Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly | Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

‘Lifelong struggle’

Last year, Guthrie spoke to Health Magazine on self-acceptance and how even after personal and professional success, she still finds it to be a challenge.

“It’s a lifelong struggle for me. I’ve never once felt good about how I looked on the outside,” she said in April. “I think all of us women spend so much time not feeling like we measure up. And what a waste of energy. I’m not there yet, but that’s my goal.”

Now, the Today star has a strong motivation for wanting to improve on her view of herself. “A lot of us have that mental dialogue where we look in the mirror and we’re like, ‘Ugh.’ And that’s just not healthy,” Guthrie shared. “I really think about it with my daughter, because I just don’t want to pass that on to her. It holds us back from joy. We should be happy and proud of our bodies, and proud to be 47 years old and still kickin’!”

Giving trends a try

The journalist aims to strike a healthy balance with diet and exercise, sometimes trying out the latest nutritional plans. In 2018, Guthrie embarked on the keto diet but didn’t see much of a move on the scale.

“It’s not even doing anything,” Guthrie told Andy Cohen in September 2018 on Watch What Happens Live, saying she hadn’t lost any weight after being on the diet for seven weeks. “I haven’t lost anything! I haven’t lost a thing. But you know, I’ve eaten a lot of bacon and I’ve liked it.”

The mom of two modified her plan to be more realistic to maintain. “I basically avoid carbs, and I try to eat a lot of greens. I’m really good during the week, and then on the weekend I go hog wild,” Guthrie revealed in April. “I feel like you have to let yourself have fun. And to me, food is fun. And I like pizza on Friday night. But during the week, I can stay on the straight and narrow.”

Guthrie shared that she’s experimenting with the latest trend of intermittent fasting with her own spin. “I try to eat dinner around 6:30 p.m. or so, and I try not to eat breakfast until after the show at 9 a.m,” she said. “So I’m trying my own little version of intermittent fasting… I do have coffee with cream in the morning, so I’m probably not really doing it right. I should really weigh a lot less than I do… What could it be? Probably everything I do all weekend long. The pizza. And I eat dessert. And I drink. Again, these are all great tips for Un-Health magazine.”

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What did you say?

Though Guthrie’s persistence at striving for optimum health is admirable, one of her co-hosts has noticed some strange side effects for those extended times Guthrie goes without food.

In a recent sit down with Variety, Guthrie and co-hosts Hoda Kotb, Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Carson Daly were interviewed on several topics regarding Today. When asked what they thought viewers do not want to see in the morning, Guthrie gave an interesting response.

“Us naked,” she joked.

Upon hearing the reply, Daly acknowledged the comment as being a bit abnormal for Guthrie. “I think you need to eat,” he bantered with his co-host. “You are saying things you would not normally say.”

Guthrie wasn’t concerned about the statement, saying “He [the reporter] isn’t going to put that in.” Naturally, the comment made the article.

In her trademark good-natured humor, Guthrie later tweeted the portion of the interview. “My favorite part of our @Variety interview – when @CarsonDaly suggests intermittent fasting is making me say crazy things,” she captioned the post. “Which, you know, he isn’t wrong.”

Guthrie’s willingness to poke fun at herself is just one of many reasons the Today co-host is a fan favorite!