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The notion of freezing (and then using) raw eggs sounds as appetizing as eating ice cream with freezer burn. But Today resident health and nutrition expert Joy Bauer said it is possible to freeze eggs and keep them delicious and fresh. You just have to do it the right way. She also shares other insider tips to make your next egg dish sing.

Joy Bauer shares the right way to freeze eggs

With food costs rising, consumers can take advantage of sale prices, even when it comes to eggs. “I get this question asked all the time, ‘can you freeze eggs?'” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “It’s a really good time to answer that question because if you see eggs on sale in the grocery store, you can get more eggs than you need.”

Jenna Bush Hager, Natalie Morales, Joy Bauer talk during a cooking segment on Today
Jenna Bush Hager, Natalie Morales, Joy Bauer | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire

Frozen eggs must be raw. “You can’t freeze hard-boiled eggs; they just don’t defrost well,” she advised. “I’ll crack the eggs into a freezer-friendly container and beat them so they’re nice and whipped. Seal the container and write how many are in there, so you know the amount when you defrost.”

“I defrost them in the fridge overnight … it’s perfect,” she added. “If you’re making a frittata for your family, you could do a container with 12 eggs. But normally, I’ll do two to three eggs because I want single servings for scrambled eggs or for muffin recipes.”

She dishes some insider egg hacks for a better meal

Bauer also shared an easy way to add new life to a Cobb salad. “A Cobb salad normally has a sliced hard-boiled egg,” she said. “But instead, I do this grated egg trick, and it almost makes like an egg confetti.” Rather than slicing the hard-boiled egg, Bauer grabbed a cheese grater and gently slid the egg over the grated edges, which created a flurry of eggs, which almost resembled parmesan cheese.


Joy Bauer of ‘Today Show’ Shares an Absolutely Genius Hack for Eggs Benedict (Exclusive)

She also uses eggs to create a mouth-watering breakfast pizza. In addition to one whole egg and two egg whites, key ingredients include a whole grain tortilla, marinara sauce, and shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese. Top with basil and an optional protein like pre-cooked poultry breakfast sausage links.

“I beat the two eggs,” she explained. Evenly distribute the beaten eggs in a heated pan coated with oil spray, then top it with the tortilla. Cook it for about two minutes. “Then I flip it and add marinara sauce and some ooey-gooey part-skim mozzarella cheese. Normally I’ll cut up two poultry breakfast sausages and put them on top.”

She added, “The tortilla adds stability, and it makes it a little more interesting because it’s not just an omelet.”

Joy Bauer has 1 big egg ‘don’t’: raw eggs

Bauer also loves to make breakfast egg wraps. It’s like the pizza, “but instead of adding the marinara sauce and cheese, you could add cheddar or swiss to make it a wrap,” Bauer suggested.

While there are endless egg recipes found at, Bauer said nobody needs to pull a Rocky and drink raw eggs in order to build muscle. While the risk of getting salmonella is low, you can glean the same powerful nutrients from cooked eggs. “Nobody should be eating raw eggs,” she laughed.