Tom Brady Is Notorious for Giving Lavish Gifts to His Offensive Linemen

Tom Brady is certainly one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He didn’t get there on his own, however. As good as Brady has been over the course of his two decades in the NFL, he’s had plenty of teammates who have helped him win. No one understands better than Tom Brady that he can’t do it on his own.

Of particular importance to Brady are the men who keep him standing on two feet: his offensive line. That’s why Brady is notorious for giving lavish gifts to his offensive linemen. But what does he give them? Let’s take a closer look at how Brady treats his most important of teammates. 

Tom Brady’s career and the importance of staying upright

Tom Brady playing football
Tom Brady | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

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Brady has led the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl championships since taking over as starter midway through his second season in 2001. Last season was Brady’s final one in New England as he’s now moved on to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But over the course of his career, Brady’s been able to succeed by staying off the ground. His offensive lines have been consistently good. 

Football Outsiders ranks every offensive line each year. Here’s how his o-lines have ranked over the past few seasons: 

  • 2019: Ninth
  • 2018: Third
  • 2017: First
  • 2016: Ninth
  • 2015: Second

The Patriots made the playoffs all of these years. In a few of them, they won the Super Bowl. That’s how much Brady’s offensive line matters — when they’re good, Brady excels and the Pats benefited with deep playoff runs. That’s why Brady rewards his offensive linemen when they do as good a job as they’ve done in the past. 

The lavish gifts Brady bought for his offensive linemen

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Brady has no doubt bought many of his teammates gifts throughout the years, but one of the most notable gifts came over a decade ago. Following the 2007-2008 season, Brady bought each of his offensive linemen a car — an Audi Q7 SUV to be exact. According to, Brady quipped: 

“Now you’ll be well protected, just like you make me feel … sometimes.” 

The ironic part about him gifting his offensive linemen in this particular year, however? The Pats were just coming off Super Bowl XLII in which the New York Giants’ defensive front seven had annihilated Brady, ensuring the Giants ended New England’s previously undefeated season. 

Brady has made it a habit of giving his teammates Ugg boots in the past, so this probably came as a bit of a surprise to them. The Boston Globe reported that Brady’s been known to give his linemen iPads, watches, and goose down jackets. It’s an endearing side to Brady — despite his fame and fortune, he’s still humble enough to thank the men who enable him to do what he does under center. 

How can Brady afford to buy so many gifts? 

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Brady will have to adjust to life in Tampa Bay now that he’s playing outside Massachusetts for the first time in his career. It leads to the question of whether he’ll be as generous with his offensive linemen in Tampa as he was in New England. While it’s unclear how their production levels will match up with their New England counterparts, one thing’s for sure: Brady can afford to keep up his gift-giving habits. 

Fox Business estimates Brady’s net worth at $180 million. He’s earned over $235 million over the course of his long career. If Brady wanted to give his entire offensive line — and their backups — another set of Audis, he definitely has room in the budget to do so. Of course, whether they’ll play good enough to earn it is a different matter altogether. 

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