Tom Brady Says His Family Will Be the ‘Overriding Factor’ That Determines When He Retires

There has been a lot of speculation about when Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will retire. Some think his retirement could happen any day now, and others think it will be sometime in the future. The only person who truly knows when the big day will come is Brady himself. Here’s what he said about when he plans to retire.

Tom Brady’s family

Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen stand in front of a wall of roses.
Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen | Kevin Tachman/Getty Images for Vogue

Brady has been married to model Gisele Bundchen since 2009, and they have two children together. He also has a son with Blue Bloods actor Bridget Moynahan. Bundchen says the key to raising balanced children is to limit their technology intake.

“Our family tries to limit the amount of screen time,” says Bundchen during a 2020 Marie Claire interview. “Technology and social media can be a wonderful platform to spread positivity and awareness, but I do believe it is important to stay present and mindful of how it is used. The kids have an iPad where they can sometimes watch movies or play games, but they do have a time limit on that. I encourage them to play together and be outside as much as possible.”

What Tom Brady said about retiring

Brady says his retirement plans depend on his family. He wants to do what’s best for them. He says he will measure his career plans against where he’s at with his family life. If he feels it would be too much of a sacrifice, Brady says he will have to reevaluate where he stands.

In response to questions about his retirement, Brady tells WSJ magazine he’s still deciding. “Maybe it’s another year after [my contract ends]; maybe it’s two,” he says. “I’ll have to see where I’m at with my family. That’s probably the overriding factor—what I’m missing out on.”

Tom Brady’s plans after football

Brady has big plans after retirement. He tells WSJ magazine he wants to focus on his company TB12 Sports as well as fashion and filmmaking. Brady admits it can be challenging to balance his football career with his business plans. “I feel like I’m living two lives,” he tells the publication. “My football life and then my post-football life.”

Bundchen says Brady is on the right track and understands what people want when it comes to fashion. His sportswear line, Brady, was released early this year. “He loves clothes way more than I do,” says Bundchen. “He has great taste and understands and really cares about what people want, what can help them feel good. That’s what fashion is about.”

Brady isn’t sure just yet what the future holds, but he does know he wants to play football for as long as possible. “I don’t think anything will match my football career,” he tells WSJ magazine. “I think it’s too hard to replicate that level of energy and output and adrenaline. That’s kind of why I want to go until the end, because I want to make sure I don’t look back and go, ‘Man, I could still do it.’ I don’t know where that’s going to be. I really don’t.”

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