Tom Hiddleston Once Said Richard E. Grant Looks ‘Like Loki’s Dad’

At the moment, it’s not really known whether Marvel’s Loki series on Disney+ will release in 2021 as planned due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Eventually, it’ll debut, and it won’t stop anyone in the meantime from analyzing what the show will be about.

So far, the rumors have been that it’ll be about time-travel and Loki visiting either significant world events in history, or maybe those of Marvel origin. Latter is already creative enough, but there’s a lot of other things people are wanting as a way to round out the Loki character.

News arrived recently actor Richard E. Grant was brought aboard to play a pivotal role. When Tom Hiddleston thanked Grant  recently during a recorded awards speech, he said Grant “looked like Loki’s dad.”

Now everyone wonders whether Grant will play “Old Loki” in an interesting time-travel twist.

Loki may change appearances as much as Groot does

Every Marvel Cinematic Universe fan knows Groot has multiple guises, of which only three have been seen so far. With Loki, it may be the same way since the comic book iterations have had him as an old man, plus as a woman.

Old Loki wouldn’t mean playing the title character’s dad since Odin (Anthony Hopkins) was his natural father. It hasn’t stopped people from noticing that Grant looks a little like what Hiddleston might look like as an older man.

The above video hint from Hiddleston seems to suggest Grant indeed does play an older version of Loki, hence the “Loki’s dad” comment. Or maybe it was a general comment about how much the two look alike rather than any plot hint.

Not that most media analysts haven’t pinpointed the inevitable. Considering Old Loki was an interesting character in the comic books as part of the multiverse, it gives another chance to play around with time travel/alt dimension elements.

Would Old Loki be evil?

One thing comic book fans know is Old Loki originally came from an alternate universe and was more than a bit nefarious as a king. Thoughts are the MCU Loki may work directly with the Time Variance Authority (or TVA for short) to send the title character into the future to stop his future evil self.

It starts to resemble the Back to the Future trilogy when thinking in these terms. Not that the MCU didn’t bend time-travel into a million directions in Endgame. They basically broached more deep-thinking time-travel constructs, sometimes leading to a few plot holes.

Now they’ll probably go into the rabbit hole when it comes to further time-travel ideas. Loki interacting with his future self will be like Biff from Back to the Future if his younger self tried to stop his future self.

All of this would be disastrous in less capable hands. Having Hiddleston and Grant working off each other could create some seriously good entertainment beating anything seen in the movies.

All the time-travel might be within the Avengers timeline only

Tom Hiddleston smiling
Tom Hiddleston | Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic/Getty Images

After Loki stole the Tesseract, everyone knew he’d be able to do things no one else could do. He’s already capable of shape-shifting, which means possibly turning into a woman as well (Lady Loki Laufeyson).

Along the way, his time-traveling adventures probably won’t mean any contrived visits to events in world history like The Titanic. Or, maybe he will visit a few places like that if maybe intersecting with Marvel character history.

Any time-travel Loki does seems more logical in him meddling in past Marvel character events, maybe even giving a crossover with The Eternals.

Placing the multiverse into the equation opens up alternate timelines rather than being boxed into historical events already known. This is where Loki will branch out into territory the MCU hasn’t gone yet if always hinting at it. Storytelling possibilities will be swung wide open once going there, including the complexity of Loki interacting with iterations of himself.