Tom Hiddleston’s ‘Loki’ Will Take Time Travel to the Extreme on Disney+

Kevin Feige has let on in recent years that he wants to bring some hard-edged sci-fi to the MCU, even if it took him a while to get there. While he intends to do this with the films, there may be even more examples of this in the upcoming Disney+ Marvel shows. Loki is reportedly going to do something different from what’s ever been done outside of Endgame.

As seen in the latter film, Loki took the Tesseract to continue time-traveling as he did in events that took place before his death at Thanos’s hand in Infinity War. As another way to explain away the return of a character after death, Marvel is going to dip into the time-travel pool and allow Loki to exist out of time.

The time time-travel aspects in Loki will reportedly go to extreme levels, including the title character influencing historical events.

Will ‘Loki’ create confusing time travel laws?

Tom Hiddleston during an interview
Tom Hiddleston | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

It was probably inevitable one of the Marvel shows would run with the time-travel concepts begun in Endgame last April. Nobody would have expected Loki to turn into a time-travel series, though, akin to the old NBC series Quantum Leap.

According to recent media reports, Loki will travel through time to various points, including influencing specific historical events. Yes, this is territory explored before in other shows and movies, but never in the MCU.

Consider this a nod to the sci-fi movies and TV Feige grew up with over the last four decades. Having Loki interfering in historical events in world history is also going to be a bit bizarre since it really doesn’t fit in with anything Marvel-related.

Unless everyone sees Loki going back to specific events in the Marvel timeline and interacting with those. Doing so would really make Loki something to see, not including a few possible instances where he creates a dual existence Back to the Future style.

Loki also won’t be the same character as seen before

Let’s all remember the cube-shaped Tesseract is capable of messing around with everything, including creating portals, something Loki didn’t hesitate to use during the Battle of New York.

Because he’s been going through these portals and apparently time-traveling, it’s suggested an alternate timeline Loki will be the show’s focus. Going this direction already creates a lot of head-busting complications in who Loki really is and his involvement in visiting historical events.

Not that it won’t connect directly to the present events in the MCU timeline. All of the shows will reportedly be tied to the upcoming movies, including the new Dr. Strange sequel.

How Loki will tie in with those events isn’t known yet because of the extreme secrecy these shows still have. Most fans would agree it’s amazing enough the time-travel plot was leaked, leaving it wide open on speculating what kind of events Loki will meddle in.

If Loki visits past Marvel events, what does it mean for flashback cameos?

A lot of surprises are probably in store with these Disney+ Marvel shows. Thanks to new series like WandaVision playing around with creative narrative concepts, it leaves the door open to any possibility. Part of this might mean inevitable cameos of the past Avengers, including the departed ones.

Loki opening the door to complex time-travel allows any narrative choice of past Marvel characters making cameos from the past. Some of this might even include The Eternals, something making possible sense since the big-screen Eternals will be out just months before Loki debuts.

Imagining Loki interacting and maybe even tinkering around with the past lineage of Marvel history would be something to see. No thanks to Loki being a bit immature at times, having him bumble some of his time-traveling visitations could have some major repercussions.

Complicating things on this level could make Loki a one-of-a-kind experience to a point of Disney+ raising their rates for the original content quality.