Tom Holland Couldn’t Even Keep His Stolen Spider-Man Props a Secret

As great as an actor as Tom Holland is, he’s kind of a bad boy when it comes to keeping secrets. He definitely wouldn’t make a good criminal because he seems to confess to anything considered a little bit wrong. Also, he’s already notorious for not being able to maintain plot secrets in the MCU.

Recently, Holland admitted to one bad thing he’s done while filming his Spider-Man movies. Whether he’ll get in trouble for it is another thing, especially since he’s considered good as gold for Marvel/Disney and Sony.

When the public finds out more about what he did with certain Marvel props, he may be forced to take some action. Then again, he’s probably able to get away with things most other actors can’t.

Tom Holland now confesses to stealing MCU props from the set

Tom Holland
Tom Holland | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

To some, it might sound shocking a star would brazenly take props from a film set they work on without telling anyone. This is exactly what Tom Holland has admitted to, though he doesn’t seem to realize confessing to the press could get him in potential trouble.

How ironic is it Holland spoke about it recently by saying Marvel didn’t know without realizing they’ll know everything after reading about it? Perhaps Holland has forgotten that speaking to the press is far different from confiding in a friend who can keep secrets.

Holland did this admittance while promoting his new Pixar film Onward on BBC Radio 1. Just because it was on British radio, maybe he thought Marvel execs wouldn’t catch on to it in such a busy news cycle.

Said Holland himself: “These are big ones. I’ve got Tony Stark’s glasses. I tried to take a suit once, but it’s a little bit difficult to walk out of the set in a Spider-Man suit.”  

Afterward, the radio hosts asked Holland if he might get busted for taking the item. Holland answered he hasn’t so far, which may lead to questions about preferential treatment.

Fans are conversing about Tom Holland’s prop steals

Over on Reddit, the conversations have become very interesting in analyzing Holland’s prop theft move. The general consensus there is “all actors do the same thing”, which isn’t a surprising response.

Many note other MCU stars have kept props from the films they worked on. Jury’s out, however, on if Holland has broken a record on how many props he’s taken.

According to Holland, the prop department makes numerous copies of the same items, so maybe it’s not all bad to take one of them when it’ll hardly be noticed.

On the other hand, it sort of rubs in that it’s basically celebrity entitlement to take things they don’t technically own. Let’s make it clear it’s definitely stealing. How Marvel or Disney define it isn’t known yet, unless they speak up soon.

Will the studio let Holland keep them, or will they give him a serious talking to during a future meeting?

Marvel and Disney may consider taking props a form of payback

No doubt Disney and Marvel realize Tom Holland’s worth of late. Without him, the Spider-Man franchise probably wouldn’t be as successful as it is. Because of this thought, the studio heads may not even care about him taking props.

To them, it may be looked at as a form of free gifts in exchange for his great performances as Peter Parker. It’s highly unlikely the studio will ask for Holland to return those items, unless some are originals they want to place in an eventual museum.

Knowing Holland’s love for his character, don’t be surprised if he’ll donate those items to a museum someday, if not to those considered ultimate fans. Unless he’s the kind to set up his own shrine room for Spider-Man as conversation pieces during parties at home.