Tommy Lee’s Wife Brittany Furlan Responds to the Penis Picture He Posted on Twitter

Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan has addressed his nude Twitter post. Find out what Furlan has to say about her husband’s fully nude tweet from Aug. 11 in the two TikToks she has posted since. 

Tommy Lee, who recently shared a nude photo of his penis to Twitter, and his wife Brittany Furlan
Tommy Lee and wife Brittany Furlan | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tommy Lee bares it all on Twitter 

On Aug. 11, Tommy Lee’s penis was visible to people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The rock star posted an image of himself fully nude and completely uncensored sitting on what appears to be the edge of a bathtub. 

The image went live on Instagram and Facebook with the caption: “Ooooopppsss.” Shortly after, the photo was gone from both platforms. It is unclear whether that was Lee’s doing or the social media outlets’ doing. 

However, Lee’s Twitter still features the image, which is timestamped at 3:52 a.m. on Aug. 11. According to Twitter’s policy, posts like Lee’s that feature full or partial nudity are allowed.

A portion of the photo Tommy Lee shared on Twitter and Instagram on Aug. 11
A portion of Tommy Lee’s nude photo | Twitter

Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan reacts to his nude post with TikTok audio

The world may never know why Lee posted the image in the first place. Still, Twitter users have had a lot to say about the post. “Just screenshot to my saved photos for when Twitter and Facebook take it down lol,” reads one Twitter user’s reply. “Did he mean to post this?” wondered another Twitter user. 

Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan also addressed the post later in the day on Aug. 11 in two videos on TikTok. In the first TikTok, the text reads: “sees new post notification from Tommy Lee.” As she looks at her phone in shock, the audio says: “What the f***!” 

“Hope that answers all [your] questions,” she captioned the video, presumably addressing people who wondered what her initial reaction was to seeing the post. In the second TikTok post, which came three hours after the first, Furlan uses another popular audio of Lois Griffin announcing, “the horse is here” with text that reads: “opening [Instagram] to see my husband’s post.” She captioned the post: “The horse needs to go back into his stall.” 

Brittany Furlan interacts with followers in her reaction posts 

Furlan hasn’t explicitly stated her thoughts on Lee’s post, but based on her TikToks it’s clear she didn’t see it coming. “Man said ‘f***’ it here’s a Schmeat pic,” one comment reads. “Pls,” Furlan replied. 

“I woke up at 5 a.m., opened instagram,” another comment reads. “Immediately closed Instagram. Sat in silence for a minute.” Furlan replied: “Me everyday.” 

Tommy Lee’s other recent penis-related posts 

Tommy Lee became known for having “the biggest d*** in rock and roll” after his homemade sex tape with Pamela Anderson leaked in 1996, per Rolling Stone. The rock star’s recent nude post is making him the talk of the town once again, but so are his other genitalia-related posts from the same day. 

On Aug. 11, Lee also shared a meme on Instagram of a nude man standing in front of an elephant that reads: “How do you breathe through that little thing?” The day before, he shared an image of a meditating Buddha with a banana in the crotch. No caption accompanied the post, but one comment reads: “Twinning.”

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