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Tomorrow is slowly coming to a close as the K-drama goes into its fourteenth episode. Fans have waited to learn the truth about Goo Ryeon’s past that led her to take her own life. While there have been multiple theories and how she is connected to Joong-gil, a new episode teaser reveals the crux of her story. Tomorrow Episode 14’s teaser reveals what really happened in Goo Ryeon’s previous life.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Tomorrow.]

'Tomorrow' lead character Goo Ryeon wearing green jacket.
‘Tomorrow’ lead character Goo Ryeon | via MBC

Fans theorized Goo Ryeon was once married but forced to do the unimaginable in ‘Tomorrow’

Since the beginning of Tomorrow, Goo Ryeon has been a mysterious figure with a hidden past. Fans are aware she came from hell to become the Crisis Management team leader and is not liked by any of the other reapers. But the reason as to why was a mystery. As the drama progressed, more details surfaced, and fans theorized she was married as a young girl to Joong-gil.

Both characters are present in flashbacks of their past lives but are uncertain why. Based on the given details, Goo Ryeon died by suicide after facing a tragic event that led her to be ridiculed by the local townspeople. She was advised on whether or not she would take her life by her own hand or someone else would.

Joong-gil’s flashbacks also reveal that he killed villagers who spoke ill of Goo Ryeon. He also tried to save her when she was taken alongside other people. Another flashback revealed that she once tried to kill Joong-gil with a broken vase. Fans are determined that Joong-gil and Goo Ryeon were once married in their past lives in Tomorrow, but the emperor keeps it a secret for a reason.

In an episode of the K-drama, Goo Ryeon explains people who take their lives sever their red thread to the person they are destined with. But the teaser for Tomorrow Episode 14 reveals the tragedy that Goo Ryeon was burdened with.

‘Tomorrow’ Episode 14 teaser reveals Goo Ryeon was likely pregnant and not by choice

Fans get the bigger picture of Goo Ryeon’s mysterious and puzzling past with every episode. The end of Tomorrow Episode 13 showed the teaser for the following episode and how it will focus on Goo Ryeon. The teaser shows Joon-woong worrying about Goo Ryeon’s red levels. He confides in the Emperor who says he is ready to dive into her past.

The teaser for Tomorrow Episode 14 reveals Goo Ryeon was taken hostage by barbarians who crossed the border. Snippets reveal Goo Ryeon urges another woman to push forward in hopes they will survive.

Fans see the villagers gossiping about the Chief Officer’s wife getting pregnant by a barbarian. The shot reveals what could be Goo Ryeon being protected and led through town by Joong-gil. Could the Chief Officer and his wife be them? Or was Goo Ryeon married to someone close to Joong-gil?

The teaser brings back the previous flashback of Goo Ryeon speaking to a head court maid who asks her if her life is more important than her family’s honor. A key detail is Goo Ryeon wearing a traditional white hanbok. Fans also see the same scene where villagers throw rocks at Goo Ryeon, wounding her. It could be Goo Ryeon’s pregnancy or loss that led to her decision to take her own life.

The new teaser brings into question other theories in the K-drama


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The teaser for Tomorrow Episode 14 reveals more than just the biggest theory fans have about Goo Ryeon. There are still loose threads about their past that are yet to be revealed and will likely be shown in the new episode. One of the biggest questions is why the emperors locked their past lives.

Fans are aware once a red thread is cut, the people involved forget some of their memories of each other. But Goo Ryeon and Joong-gil are having flashbacks of each other. A fan on Reddit explains, “my theory is that the jade emperor has PJG’s half of the red string.”

Some might recall that Goo Ryeon asked the Emperor to keep her promise to fulfill her wish, which fans are unclear of. The Emperor also told Goo Ryeon she is afraid to face the past because she took someone Joong-gil loved away. Fans are also in a pickle about how Jun-woong fits into their story and if he really is their past son. Tomorrow Episode 14 revealed that Jun-woong saved comfort women escaping Japanese soldiers in his past life.