‘Tomorrow’ Theory: The Emperor Locked Goo Ryeon and Joong-gil’s Past Because Her Unborn Child Was Reincarnated

The K-drama Tomorrow still has one more fan theory regarding Jun-woong. With Goo Ryeon’s past life revealed, fans are convinced there is still one big piece of the puzzle missing. Throughout the K-drama, the Emperor hinted that Jung-woong has greater importance than coincidence. A possible Tomorrow theory suggests Goo Ryeon and Joong-gil’s past lives were locked to prevent them from knowing the truth.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Tomorrow.]

Goo Ryeon theory in 'Tomorrow' K-drama with Jun-woong.
Goo Ryeon in ‘Tomorrow’ K-drama | via MBC

Goo Ryeon took her own life to save Joong-gil from more pain in ‘Tomorrow’

Tomorrow Episode 14, revealed why Goo Ryeon died in her past life 400 years ago. Fans’ theories were true in that she and Joong-gil were married as teens. They grew up in a loving marriage. But when barbarians infiltrate, she is taken prisoner along with other women. Goo Ryeon’s skills help save them, but the townspeople see her as a sullied ‘Returning Lady.’

Rumors spread that she is pregnant with a barbarians child. The townspeople turn against her, and so does Joong-gil’s mother. Joong-gil’s mother suggests divorce, but he disagrees. She persuades Goo Ryeon that her life is less important than her family’s honor. She plants the seed for Goo Ryeon to take her life. Goo Ryeon deals with the pain of her court maid’s death and Joong-gil killing in her honor. She decides to end her life.

Knowing her backstory, there are a few loose ends. In previous episodes, Joong-gil is unaware of why she appears in his nightmares. The Jade Emperor also lied to Goo Ryeon, saying that the Joong-gil she sees in her memories is not the same man.

On the hunt for answers, Joong-gil learns he and Goo Ryeon’s archive of their past lives are locked by the Emperor herself. Fans and Joong-gil wonder why. The latest episode of Tomorrow ties an old theory and a new one together.

‘Tomorrow’ theory suggests the Emperor locked their pasts because they are unaware Goo Ryeon’s child was reincarnated

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Fans have theorized that Jun-woong is the reincarnated child of Goo Ryeon. There have been multiple hints to suggest the theory. Jun-woong says “Mom” while being saved by Goo Ryeon in the river. The Jade Emperor also comments that she has met Jun-woong in the past.

When Jun-woong becomes worried about Goo Ryeon’s red levels, he begs the Emperor to explain why. She comments, “you’re still the same as ever.” When he explains he has become attached to Goo Ryeon and wants to protect her, the Emperor has a knowing expression.

A new Tomorrow theory suggests the Emperor locked Goo Ryeon and Joong-gil’s past to hide the truth that Jun-woong is her son. But there is a big detail that is missing. When Goo Ryeon died, fans were unsure if she was pregnant with a barbarians child or Joong-gil’s. When Joong-gil attends to Goo Ryeon after a nightmare, he says a year has passed.

Goo Ryeon would have already had the barbarian’s child if the timeline were correct. In Tomorrow Episode 14, fans may notice Joong-gil’s mother explaining to her son they cannot have a sullied woman carry on the family name. The theory suggests Goo Ryeon was pregnant with Joong-gil’s child before taking her life. The child is now Jun-woong reincarnated.

The Emperor has likely locked Goo Ryeon and Joong-gil’s past and has them forget until they are ready to learn about their son. Could it be that the promise Goo Ryeon asked of the Emperor was to see her unborn child as long as she works as a reaper in the afterlife?

The K-drama recently hinted that Jun-woong is Goo Ryeon’s son

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In Tomorrow Episode 13, the storyline revolves around the real-life stories of comfort women. By the end of the episode, one of the characters remembers Jun-woong. She explained when she and the other young girls were escaping, a group of Korean men saved them from the Japanese soldiers.

One of the men looked like Jun-woong. A fan on Reddit suggests, “In Ep. 13, CJW was rescuing the comfort women in his past life. This would be more meaningful if in another past life, his mother had been a comfort woman/Returning Lady.”

The same is said about Joong-gil. He holds a grudge against people who take their own lives. It is likely tied to his past with Goo Ryeon. The Tomorrow theory that Jun-woong is Goo Ryeon and Joong-gil’s unborn child reincarnated holds strong.

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