Toni Braxton Reveals If ‘Braxton Family Values’ Is Returning Now That We TV and Tamar Braxton Cut Ties

Braxton Family Values fans are anxiously waiting to see if there will be another season of the popular reality series. But with Tamar Braxton and We TV severing ties, many want to know if the show’s future is in jeopardy. Toni Braxton reveals in a recent interview that filming for the show is underway but the future remains uncertain.

The Braxton family
The Braxton family via Twitter

We TV and Tamar Braxton have cut ties

Tamar is currently in treatment to address her mental health. The singer admits to being on medication for depression. She also revealed that she’s a survivor of sexual abuse and is getting help with processing her trauma.

Before her hospitalization in July 2019, Tamar began expressing her unhappiness with We TV. She accuses the network of exploiting her family and instigating drama for ratings. She also says the cast is severely underpaid, despite having the longest number-one-rated reality series for a predominately Black cast.

Tamar reportedly became upset and felt blindsided by the release of a trailer for her second We TV spinoff. She’s allegedly not happy with the depiction of her boyfriend, David Adefeso, and feels the trailer is a mashup of her most dramatic moments during filming.

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Sources close to production claim otherwise. The Jasmine Brand reports that it’s Adefeso who is unhappy with his portrayal. The source also says Adefeso exhibits controlling behavior and impacts Tamar’s moods. 

Variety reports that We TV “will work with her representatives to honor her request to end all future work for the network,” ending their 11-year relationship with her. Tamar also defends Adefeso, calling him her angel on Earth.

Toni Braxton says ‘Braxton Family Values’ is filming but hints Tamar Braxton’s hospitalization impacts the show’s future

In a new interview with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Toni says prior to the coronavirus shutdown, the cast was filming and preparing for season seven.

“We were filming, even during the pandemic we’ve been filming,” she says. “We came up with a clever idea [for filming during quarantine] and it’s been working out very well.”

Toni says upon Tamar’s hospitalization, their priorities have shifted. 

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Report Details Alleged Controlling Behavior of Tamar Braxton’s Boyfriend

“My sister Tamar had a little situation but it’s not my business to tell her business,” she says. “But I can say that our family is doing so much better, we’re in a healthier place. And, I have to tell people that mental illness is not a joke. If anybody in your family is sad, you need to listen to them. It’s not always drama, sometimes is just sadness.”

It’s hard to imagine how all Braxton sisters will be able to continue participating on the show if Tamar is no longer contractually obligated to the network. Prior to Tamar’s hospitalization, Towanda revealed the show was set to return this fall.

Tamar’s six-episode spinoff Get Ya Life is premiering on We TV on September 10. We TV says Tamar is relieved of all future work with the network since parting ways.