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During her short and tragic life, Marilyn Monroe became an icon. In just 15 years, Monroe amassed 33 acting credits, became a sex symbol, and had more than a few Hollywood romances. She dated everyone from Joe DiMaggio to Frank Sinatra, and men were said to fall under her spell almost instantly. Back in 1958, one man, Tony Curtis, was reportedly not taken with her. Rumor has it that he once suggested kissing her was less than pleasant. Is that true, or was Curtis just covering up an affair?

Tony Curtis once said kissing Marilyn Monroe was “like kissing Hitler”

Rumors have long swirled that Monroe and her famed co-star detested each other while working on the set of Some Like It Hot. They wouldn’t be the first co-stars to dislike each other, and they assuredly wouldn’t be the last. Jay Mohr once described his experience working with America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, as pure hell. Joan Crawford and Bette Davis got physical on the set of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon in promotional shots for 'Some Like it Hot'
Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon in promotional shots for ‘Some Like it Hot’ | FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives via Getty Images

The rumors of hatred on the set of Some Like It Hot apparently beganwhen Curtis was questioned about his time locking lips with the famed sex symbol. Curtis suggested kissing Monroe was akin to kissing Hitler. The sentiment was, of course, a brutal one. Curtis, however, might not have disliked his co-star. Curtis insists the remark was sarcastic because he had grown wary of answering the same question repeatedly.  

Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe didn’t actually hate each other

For years, it has long been surmised that Monroe and Curtis despised each other due to his comments, but that, apparently, was not the case. Curtis claims that he and Monroe were entangled in an affair during the filming of Some Like It Hot. The 1958 film was shot while Curtis was married to actor Janet Leigh. Monroe was married to Arthur Miller during the alleged affair.

Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe film a scene for 'Some Like It Hot'
Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe | Mondadori via Getty Images

Curtis went on to claim that his affair with Monroe resulted in a pregnancy, that later ended in a miscarriage. The romance was revealed while the movie was still being shot. Curtis was reportedly told to stay away from both Miller and Monroe for the project’s duration. According to Biography, Monroe and Miller had been trying to conceive during the filming of the movie.

Curtis revealed that his quote was taken out of context

Curtis admitted that he did make the Hitler remark about Monroe but that the quote was taken completely out of context. When asked by a reporter what it was like to kiss Monroe Curtis claims he said, “It’s like kissing Hitler. What are you doing asking me such a stupid question?” aHe insists the quote was shortened to sound completely different, according to The Guardian

Promotional photos of Tony Curtis
Tony Curtis | Keystone/Getty Images

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Curtis also discussed his affair with Monroe in his 2008 memoir American Prince: A Memoir. Curtis and Monroe’s romance ended years before her 1962 death. Curtis went on to marry multiple times before his 2010 death.