‘Too Hot to Handle’: Are David and Sharron Still Friends?

The premise of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle was for 10 sex-crazed singles to establish lasting and more meaningful relationships without any sexual interaction.

While four of the show’s contestants proved to be successful in finding romance as they avoided doing anything sexual on a private villa in Mexico, the rest of the cast found meaningful friendships that continued on long after the show wrapped filming.

Too Hot To Handle's David and Sharron
Too Hot To Handle‘s David and Sharron | Netflix

While Chloe Veitch and Nicole O’Brien recently admitted to still being the best of friends, we wonder, did Sharron Townsend and David Birtwistle continue their bromance after leaving the villa? Keep on reading to find out.

Sharron and David had the best kind of friendship

During their time on Too Hot To Handle, both Sharron and David made significant strides in developing lasting relationships with women they saw potential futures with.

While David established a solid bond with Lydia Clyma, who came onto the show halfway through the season, Sharron was able to build a meaningful relationship with Rhonda Paul.

Although fans liked seeing the men’s relationships with Lydia and Rhonda unfold, the bromance between them proved to be far more interesting to watch.

During their time on the show, the New Jersey native and the Londoner formed a bond that grew stronger as the weeks went on.

But even the most solid bromances have to be put to the test, and Sharron and David’s certainly was.

Early in the season, Sharron angrily admitted that he didn’t see himself leaving the island in a relationship, which ultimately caused Rhonda to doubt their future compatibility.

She then decides to get to know David a little better, and the two develop a strong connection, which upsets Sharron.

After being ignored by his best friend following a group exercise, David pulls Sharron to the side to understand how he can make their relationship right again. During their conversation, Sharron bears his heart out to David and admits that he has strong feelings for Rhonda.

Upon hearing this, David decides to step back from pursuing the Georgia native so that Sharron can continue building a relationship with her. The friends then hug it out, ultimately solidifying their friendship.

Are Sharron and David still friends?

Though David and Sharron established friendships with everyone on the show, their relationship proved to be one of a kind.

Despite them not knowing each other for very long, the co-stars developed such a strong bond in the two months they were on the show that we wouldn’t be surprised if they kept their bromance going after filming ended.

While neither Sharron or David have opened up about their current friendship status, Nicole O’Brien recently revealed to Metro UK that everyone is still in contact with each other via a WhatsApp group chat.

“Straight after filming we set up a WhatsApp group and it’s called Lana Is Bae,” she shared. “We’re writing on that every day. We all keep in contact, the majority of us.”

Although Sharron and David have kept the details of their post-Too Hot To Handle bromance pretty hush-hush, we can assume that they still consider each other best friends.

The two of them really connected on the show as they not only learned how to openly communicate in relationships from each other, but how to be better men, which are the exact makings of a healthy bromance!