‘Too Hot to Handle’: Creed Is ‘Extremely Close’ With 1 of the Women From His Love Triangles

Too Hot to Handle constantly tempts the cast to break the rules or leave their partner. Creed McKinnon gave an update on his life and why he was caught up in multiple love triangles.

Creed had connections with 3 women on ‘Too Hot to Handle’

Creed McKinnon poses with his hands behind his neck on the beach on 'Too Hot to Handle'.
Creed McKinnon on ‘Too Hot to Handle | Netflix

Creed said he couldn’t live without female company in his intro. “I’ve definitely got more girlfriends than guy friends,” he said. “I grew up in a beauty salon where I learned how to spray tan a woman.” The Australian claimed he’s nerdy and a momma’s boy, which could help him stand out from the competition.

He initially coupled up with Sophie Stonehouse. But when Flavia Laos Urbina showed up, Creed immediately dumped her and asked to be friends.

Sophie left the show because she no longer wanted to find love. Creed’s head turned again when Imogen Ewan showed up. He tried to be with both of them until Lana called him out and forced him to choose between Imogen and Flavia. Creed told Flavia he cut things off with Imogen, but that was a lie. Lana then kicked him off the show.

Creed is ‘extremely close’ with Flavia after ‘Too Hot to Handle’

Flavia and Creed appeared on Reality with Will Njobvu to talk about their time on the show. Creed explained why he was so indecisive about Flavia and Imogen.

“I honestly didn’t want to ignore feelings,” he claimed. “We’re always being preached there like go for the meaningful connection. I didn’t have enough time, so I didn’t know exactly what was going on, and then my head was gone at that point.”

Flavia defended him, saying Creed never had a girlfriend before. So everything was “new” for him. He also revealed that he was torn between Flavia and Imogen because of their personalities. The businessman related to Imogen over their Australian connection, and she reminded him of things from his childhood.

The host asked if they kept in touch after the show and rekindled anything. “Yeah, many times we Facetimed,” Flavia answered. “We met e–I met her family on FaceTime,” he revealed. Flavia said they went as far as to invite him to Peru. She said they’re “good friends.”

“I can honestly say today we’re extremely close,” Creed added. “Having her in London has been one of the most amazing things. Like honestly, this woman is unbelievable. You can see what someone’s about in the outside world. When you’re in the retreat, you can only see what they’re like in that retreat.”

The host then suggested they might give romance another chance. “Creed got his chance,” Flavia said. “So I like him more in a friendship way.” They both agreed they’re more like brother and sister after everything they’ve been through. Creed said romance could ruin what they have and that’s not worth it.

So Flavia and Creed didn’t find love on reality TV. But it looks like he added her to the long list of female friends he had before the show.